Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Harper calls Kate "sissy" and it is so cute to me.  I think before I found it obnoxious (kind of like calling a brother "bubba"-sorry to all of you bubba's out there), but now I think it is so sweet. 

Harper has been pretty jealous of Kate for the last 2 1/2 months, but now at 3 months, things are starting to come around for her.  She now lets Brian hold her while I'm holding Kate, instead of saying, "daddy hold kate, mommy hold Harper."  She also tells me, "mommy, Kate's crying.  She wants mommy."  She's also putting the pacifier in her mouth, giving Kate kisses and tickles, giving her a lovie blanket to hold, and even puts that lovie in the crook of Kate's arm-right where it goes.  She'll sometimes wake up and whisper, "let's go get Kate" and run to Kate's crib.  I was a little worried for a while because she wanted nothing to do with Kate.  So, things are finally turning around.

We had a nice Father's day here and I can say with certainty that Harper is her father's daughter.  She not only looks like him, she acts just like him.  Well, maybe that's not saying much for Brian (he acts like our 2 year old), but it certainly warms my heart.  

 my two button-noses

Hillary came to visit!

Harper making Brian a birthday card

Pop and Mimi are on their way from the airport to visit, so I'll hopefully have some fun stories to tell soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

iphone pictures

Here are some recent iphone pictures (and one from our babysitter Paige) of the last week or so.  Common trends:  Harper swimming and Kate sleeping or laying there.  

walking downtown Annapolis

Kate's (and my) favorite spot in the world

waiting on the doctor

Harps reading about ants and "pilly-pillies" at the doctor.  She was so good while we waited for Kate's doctor that I told her we would go have ice cream (I froze strawberry yogurt in ice cube trays and she never knows the difference).  When I said that, though, she goes, "Ms Beth's house?"  Ms. Beth is our next door neighbor...hmmm, wonder what she's been giving Harper...

such a cute suit that daddy brought home one day (with a matching maxi dress, I might add)

"pop pop" (popcorn break)

kate back in her "spot"

flippin' cute

Harper reminds me so much of BRIAN!  She is so like him and it is adorable to me.  She's rambunctious, sly, goofy, and sweet just like him.  Plus, she loves music.  One of her favorite things is to sit on his lap in his office and listen to music with him.  Oh, I wouldn't have it any other way.

It turns out that Kate has had a sinus infection for quite a while-over a month and a half.  What we thought may have been reflux or an intolerance to dairy turned out to be a yucky sinus infection.  Now that she's on antibiotics, her bm's are back to normal, and she's sleeping great with very little congestion.  Phew!  But of course now we have a cat with a UTI and "crystals" (aka almost a kidney stone).  Is there something in the water?  Ha!  Good grief, Charlie Brown, I love our sweet family.

Friday, June 17, 2011

grandma and grandpa meet Kate

My parents came to see the girls this week and we had such a great time!  The girls, particularly Harper, really bonded with them and there's nothing better than watching your child love the ones you love.  We were busy going to the National Zoo, the National Aquarium, the farm, downtown Annapolis, and on a boat ride around the Severn River and the Chesapeake.  We also grilled some fresh fish and baked crab cakes.  We threw in the occasional kidney stone and our time flew by!  My favorite time was the aquarium.  We have a membership and go often, but this was by far the best visit ever.  We went at around 9:15 on a Wednesday and it was perfect-not busy at all so we got to really enjoy the exhibits.  Harper threw a major tantrum when we dragged her away from Nemo-ha!  

The zoo was nice too since the weather was 75 and sunny all week (my parents always have good weather luck).  Here's grandma and Harper looking at the lions and cubs.  Harper got to feel lion and tiger hides.

We had a picnic lunch and that really made our day great.  No lines for food and we sat next to the orangutan crossing.  Look at the girls in their matching animal outfits.

Harper got a kick out of the misters.

But nothing compares to her love for meerkats!  She had the whole place cracking up at her laughing a running along side them.

We also strolled downtown our last day.  We went to city dock and did some shopping while Harper went to the pool with her babysitter.  I think it is cute to watch my dad push a stroller! (look at how Annapolis restaurants keep water bowls on the tables for dogs)

This pumpkin slept and enjoyed the great weather (I'm not even kidding, it was crazy beautiful)! 

We were all sad to say good-bye and wish we lived closer.  Thanks for coming to visit, mom and dad!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a lot going on...

The girls are starting to interact a little bit more and that makes me happy.  Harper will now put the pacifier in Kate's mouth, throw diapers in the trash, and put the blanket on Kate.  She's becoming pretty sweet on her sister.  Kate also likes to sit back and watch Harper.

Brian and I got to go to Madlyn Jane's baptism on Sunday and it was so sweet.  Mark and Lindsay love her so much and it is a great feeling to watch our friends have so much joy in parenthood.

Kate and Maddy-they're 12 days apart

Kate came too to see her friend's special day.  Note her excitement...

 I love this picture-I think it is so them!

My parents came this week and we all had a blast!  Harper really bonded with both of them during this visit.  It deserves its own post and I'll make one soon.  We were BUSY, so I'm pretty tired today.

Speaking of tired, I think things finally caught up with me on Tuesday, as I had to go to the ER.  I was in terrible pain that came on pretty suddenly and I actually wondered if it was my appendix.  Brian was working late, but didn't God plan it for my parents to be here so I had some help!?  Thankfully my parents were here so my mom could watch the girls and my dad could drive fly me to the hospital.  I'm pretty sure we were there in 5 minutes.  I was crying the whole way down and pretty scared because I felt something pop (I now think it was the stone breaking up).  I passed the stone at the hospital and felt completely fine after that.  Brian and I made it home by 2:30 am and thankfully (again) mom and dad were there to help me recover.  Taking care of the girls is not easy at this point, so I'm so grateful.  I'd also like to thank my Medela breast pump and storage bags for making it all possible-ha!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

one of those days

I've had one of those days.  You know, where everything just seems to be too hard.  But, in the end I have to look back and say that people are good.

Anyway, Kate had a rough day today.  She had her 2 month immunizations and had a bad reaction to them.  She screamed for about 2 1/2 hours straight and then was running a fever tonight.  She's usually so good and I couldn't even hold her today-it made the screaming worse.  I'm wiped out.  So tonight here are just some pictures of the last week.

Harper and her best friend Sunny making the best out of the neighborhood pool closing (we had them hyped up all morning about the pool so I made a quick run to Target )

Kate enjoying the beautiful weather last week

Lindsay and Madlyn hanging with the girls

My sweet girl sleeping

Drew brought Harper a Cars Lego Duplo set with Tow-mater!

Drew loves Harper (the feeling is mutual!)

Brian and Kate

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kate is two months old

Kate turned two months old yesterday.  I certainly didn't forget; we were just going and going and there wasn't a good time to really get a picture and post.  I did take a lot of time to reflect on her growth and I of course give many prayers of thanks to God every day for her.  She is an angel.  

So, at 2 months, here's what Kate is up to:

  • We'll get a weight and height on Tuesday at the doctor-I can't WAIT to see!  She is a BIG girl!  I love it.  Look at those cheeks! 
she weighs 11 lbs. 3 oz (60th %) and 23 1/2 in long(90th %) 
  • She wears a size 1 diaper and 3-6 months clothes.  We've only done a few bows.  I hate to say this, but I don't know if she's a bow girl.  Maybe it is just too soon?
  • She likes the swaddle for sleeping.
  • She takes a bottle of breast milk a few times a week-such a relief.
  • She doesn't use a pacifier to sleep, but rather just during wake time.
  • She coos!  She's been "talking" a bunch for the past two weeks and it is so sweet.
  • She smiles this sweet, goofy smile that just makes me smile so big.
  • She is ticklish on her belly and cheeks.  I think it is so cute that she is ticklish.
  • She loves baths now and is so alert and into the sensations.  She wants the bath water really warm.
  • She follows baby wise (as of the past week or so):  eat, play, sleep.  Her play time involves the play mat, bouncy seat, tummy time, the swing, or one-on-one with mommy or daddy.
  • She sleeps in her own bed (since 6 weeks), and sleeps usually between 10 pm and 4 or 5 am.  She'll nurse then go right back to sleep until 7 or 8.  It is wonderful.  She went a little spell where she was up every 3 hours, but I think it was a little growth spurt.  Either way, I can handle it because she's growing and I realize that that is what matters.
  • She loves her mommy the most, and is getting much easier with her daddy.  She seems interested in Harper too.  Harper is not so into Kate.  Harper toys with loving on her, but then is kind of standoffish and protective of her mommy.
  • Kate seems like my quirky one.  To me she looks a lot like Harper, but she just has a different persona.  I know she's only 2 months old, but she's so laid back and observant.  She'll give this funny little grin and look deep into your eyes.  I could cry just thinking about her and how much I love her.   

one monthtwo months