Wednesday, May 25, 2011

smile for mommy

Kate has been smiling more and more and it is so contagious!  She lights up and you'd think I've won the lottery (I kind of have :) ).  Of course the camera is never ready so I always just catch the tail end of it.  Also, speaking of smiles, Kate is sleeping from about 10-4 every night and then right back to sleep until about 8.  I have felt so refreshed after weeks of getting up to nurse every 2-3 hours.  Whoo!  I hope she keeps it up.

She is such a sweetheart and is VERY attached to me right now.

Then there's miss Harper who did this when I asked her to smile for a picture:

Ooooh, Harper, won't you smile for mommy??  To which she replied, "Nooo. No way." (yes, mom, she was standing here wanting a snack-what's new?)  Oh well, she's still my sweet potato. 

By the way, here's a side-by-side of the girls.  They're about the same age in these pictures.

Love them!

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