Saturday, May 28, 2011

smile for daddy

So the smiling is contagious.  Kate smiled at Brian for the first time on Thursday.  I think we all needed that around here; Kate is all mommy and I think sometimes that is hard on both of us.  It was so sweet to see them connect there.  

She smiled right as we were on our way out to dinner since our neighbor said she'd keep Kate and Harper for us.  This was to be our first time out without the girls.  I had everything ready:  a bottle of breast milk (aka liquid gold)-check; list of emergency contact information-check; Harper's dinner with all the food groups-check; a movie on standby-check; pajamas and diapers laid out-check.  We said "goodbye" as my neighbor Anne set out to go for a short walk with the girls when we left.  We made our way to the restaurant, sighing a great breath of relief as we sat down after 45 minutes of hectic beach/rush hour/navy graduation traffic.  We ordered.  I checked my phone and then...the text:  "Kristy, did you leave a key for me anywhere?"  Good grief.  We locked the neighbor, and thus the girls, out of the house!  What a disaster.  Luckily we had a friend 10 minutes away with a key, but I felt like the worst mother in the world and I was a wreck for that long 10 minutes.  I think I was so nervous and out of sorts for leaving her that I just didn't even think about locking her out.  

We went to the pool today.  Harper kept saying "beach" when we put on her suit.  She had a great time!  Uncle Jared is here for the weekend and I've got to get some pictures of them.  She loooooves her "uncle ja-wed."  It is so cute.  

And here are some randoms:
so cute

so NOT cute, Harper...

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  1. I can imagine what an awful feeling it was to realize you locked out your babies. But what a funny story it tells later!!