Thursday, May 5, 2011

play time and the elephant

We received this precious pink elephant from our friends Wes and Allison.  It has Kate's name on the ear and the idea is to take her picture with it each month to see her growth.  I've seen this on some friends' blogs and think it is so cute!  So, here's Kate's official one-month picture with her elephant

I've started implementing the Babywise strategy with Kate, as we did with Harper.  It worked great with Harper, so here's keeping my fingers crossed.  So far, Kate is a great little sleeper so I'm just starting to try and get her into some kind of pattern.  Babywise emphasizes wake time after feeding so that the baby actually gets tired and then sleeps soundly.  That means we need some wake time activities.  We broke out the play gym mat for her and she does okay with it.  I also started some tummy time with her too.  To me she is strong! 

We had some play time at Sandy Pointe State Park on Tuesday and then a play date yesterday at Sunny's house after Gymboree.  Kate did well both times, but I'm lucky to have friends to lend me a hand during those times.  I haven't taken the two girls into real public by myself yet; I'm going to give it a try next week.  

Harper insists on wearing hats backwards and I have to say that I think it is pretty adorable.  I can try all of the bows and pink in the world, but Harper is Harper.  

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  1. Pretty darn cute with that elephant... I see Harper Part II!