Saturday, May 14, 2011

pilly pilly

Harper loves to be outside I think more than she loves me.  She'd live out there if I let her, and lately we've been close to it.  Howeva...she recently acquired an aversion to bugs (I suspect her Mimi has something to do with this? Mimi??).  She climbed into her playhouse and discovered a caterpillar.  At first she put her hands to her cheeks and said, "oh no, mommy, a snake."  I told her, "no, that's a caterpillar" and went on to remind her of the story of the hungry caterpillar (we've read it a million times).  Well, it might as well have been a rattlesnake because she was not having it.  I love her look when I ask her about the caterpillar.  

She could also scale this rock wall if, ironically, she wasn't holding a rock in her hand.  Happy Saturday!

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  1. I watch this everyday!!! I love her!!!