Monday, May 9, 2011

mother's day 2011

Well, we had a nice Mother's Day weekend.  The weather was perrrrrfect and so was the company.  On Saturday we went to Meaghan and Kevin's for the Kentucky Derby (though I'm against horseracing...) and played with friends there.  Harper's friend Ryder kept her entertained with dancing, corn hole games (they cheat), and toys.  Harper was worn out when we got home.
Harper and Ryder
(notice that Harper keeps it real with one pant leg up; we couldn't keep her from doing this the whole day)

Then on Sunday I woke up to sleepy-eyed Harper bringing me a Minnie Mouse card.  We got up, opened cards, and skyped with Mimi and Pop.  Harper loves to Skype with them-what a different world my kids are growing up in.  Harper can 1.  ask for "Angry Birds" 2.  actually play Angry Birds (better than me, I might add) 3.  navigate my iphone to get to the pictures and then scroll through them 4. navigate an ipad to get to her favorite ebook (um, Toy Story, of course) and 5. video chat with her grandparents.  Good grief.  So we skyped and then attempted a Mother's Day picture since we were all dressed up for church.  Photographing is a little bit more difficult these days.  They were both pretty mad.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

That's as good as it got.  We had brunch, played at the park, and took long naps.  Harper is still tickled to death with the baby animals at the farm.  The baby goats are sticking their head through the fence and she wraps her arms around their necks and hugs and hugs on them.  It is adorable.  I think baby goats are my favorite baby animals ever.  The lambs are skittish, but the goats are so sweet and playful.

I also got the BEST gift of Sunday; Kate smiled at me for the first time.  A REAL smile!  I didn't have my camera and I didn't want to interrupt it.  She just stared at me with a big toothless grin.  Love it!  My little peanut is up to 9 lbs. 7 oz (we had a little doctor's visit this morning about some sinus stuff) and growing strong.  This Mother's Day I am so thankful to have two healthy little girls.

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  1. I really REALLY wish you hadn't mentioned the goats! Don't encourage Dad....