Tuesday, May 17, 2011

down on the farm

I know I blog about the farm a bunch, but we spend so much time there and Harper loves it so much, so I like to keep memories of it.  She'll wake up from naps most days saying, "see baby goats?  see baby goats pleeease?" and it cracks me up.  

This Sunday afternoon the Resnicks came to meet Kate and we went to the farm for a while.  Harper, Conor and Sullivan ran around and had a great time together.  They are so cute together and I'm glad we have wonderful friends with sweet kids to play with.

This is the closest Harper has ever gotten to Penny Sue.  She kept asking, "mommy, where's baby pigs?"
All 14 of them were in the barn.
Sometimes mommies need a break, Harper.

Sullivan looks like a Ralph Lauren model!

How cute are they!?

Andy and his boys

My daughter is a wild child
(and obviously she gets it from her daddy)

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