Monday, May 2, 2011

4 Weeks Old

Sweet Kate is 4 weeks old.  Sometimes I can't believe it, but then I look at how BIG she's gotten and it makes me a believer.  All of that milk is going straight to her thighs (and face, and arms, and belly).  I'm so grateful to have a healthy baby girl.  So, here's what Miss Kate is up to at 4 weeks (we'll use this as her one-month):

-She sleeps probably 19 hours a day.
-She eats about 10 times a day.
-She poops and pees...a million times a day.
-She loves loves loves her mommy!  She'd lay on my chest and sleep forever.  We take afternoon naps that way sometimes and I love it.  I think Brian is looking forward to being more interactive with her, but for now all she wants is her "food source" (as Brian so lovingly calls me).

-She's taken a couple of bottles and we're going to start working on that more.
-She took a pacifier for the first time yesterday and did ok.  I was hesitant to start that, but after she ate every hour between 3 and 11, we decided that she needed it for a little comfort.
-She's in newborn diapers.
-She wears 0-3 month clothes.
-At her two-week checkup she was 8 lbs. even and 20 inches.  I can't imagine what she is now!?
-She's such a sweetie!  She's just beginning to recognize things (other than me) outside of herself-like the mobile on her bouncy seat.

At times I think time's going by so quickly, but then I look at Harper and think, "we have a long ways to go."  I am a little sad that it was a whole 4 weeks ago that I held her for the first time; there's nothing like having a newborn in the hospital-nothing nothing nothing.  That (and Harper's birth) was the most wonderful time of my life.  But, I look forward to watching my sweet girls grow.

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