Friday, April 8, 2011

what could make me feel this way?

My girls.  Sigh.  

I got pretty teary-eyed last night putting Harper to bed.  I know its mostly hormones, but I couldn't help feeling the greatest joy having Harper in her chair for bedtime and Brian sitting next to us holding Kate.  Of course, Harper wanted to read Are You My Mother?, making the whole thing that much sweeter.  Brian looked worried and said, "what's wrong?" and I could barely get the words out:  "I'm just really happy."  

The girls met for the first time yesterday.  Since I had surgery and Harper's in her "mommy" phase, we thought it best to just bring her to the hospital to bring us home.  She brought Kate a little gift and we had a gift for Harper from Kate.  Harper was more interested in laying mommy's remote-control bed and kept pushing the buttons (making, I'm sure, the nursing staff very happy since there's a "call nurse" button that she was particularly interested in).  Harper, for the most part, was in awe of Kate and immediately said, "baby...mommy's baby."  She definitely knew.  When we got home, all she wanted to do was read to Kate and hold her own baby doll.  This afternoon she wanted to rock Kate.  It is truly wonderful having the two of them here.

Now, here are a million pictures because I just can't pick favorites right now.

she has Brian's feet for sure

Sweet girl

Kate's favorite spot

She's "the most curious baby I've ever seen...seriously" said the tenured nurse

Harper and Kate (and Buzz)

Kate's take-home outfit

our family

something's different...

who's that over there?

Kate in the pack and play

Harper wanting to read to Kate

Kate in her favorite spot again

Kate loves the swing!

We had newborn pictures taken today at the house and Kate was terrific.  We'd planned on getting some with Harper too, but it just didn't work out with timing.  I can't wait to see them!

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  1. She is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad everything went so smoothly. You look INCREDIBLE in that shot right after she was born. It's like you're modeling the scrubs for an ad campaign or something.

    Congrats on your wonderful family.