Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

(some [mom] of you might notice Harper's signature brow-raise)

Harper went on an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend.  We had a little one in our yard last year, but this one was much different.  The nearby park had a little festival with bunnies, crafts, and an egg hunt.  Brian and his family took Harper while I stayed home with Kate.  That was kind of hard to let go, but I know she had a great time.  I just need a little bit more time to heal from the surgery.  Harper loves to collect rocks and shells and acorns and pretty much anything, so she had a blast.  One mom there told Brian that Harper had too many eggs in her basket and to put some back and Brian did not take it very well.  His daughter?  An over-achiever?  Noooooo.  Or as Harper would say, "no way."  

Little Bunny Harper and Mimi

The toddler egg hunt

Too many eggs

Kate has been a wonderful baby this past week.  She is officially one week old today (right now, actually).  She eats and sleeps and dirties her diaper perfectly!  Last night she slept 3 hour stretches-what a difference!  We'd been up quite a bit with feedings other nights because the girl LOVES to eat.  It is such a relief that Harper is doing well with her new sister, but I think the extra help from her mimi has been distracting.  She still wants me at bedtime, so we've just adjusted Kate's feeding for that special time.  

Sharing her minnie mouse accessories with kate

Uncle Jared came to meet Kate

Finally, look at her tiny hand-it just fits to my first knuckle

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  1. Kate is precious. I know you're overwhelmed with joy right now!!!! I hope you're getting some rest too:)