Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and lots of pictures

I picked out two very sweet dresses for my girls to wear to church on Sunday, but as the day approached, Brian and I had anxiety about taking Kate into a crowded church.  We decided to not go and spend Easter Sunday at home.  I was kind of sad, but I really think it wasn't time.  Our church is standing room only most Sundays, and Easter Sunday is even more crowded.

Here I am looking a little tired!


We had family time dying and decorating eggs and having an egg hunt in the back yard.  Harper had a wonderful time.  Do you think she got enough for Easter?  Brian didn't know that I had already stocked up before Kate came and hid the gifts in the closet, so Harper got double-duty.  What a sweet daddy.  She also got a toddler Bible from grandma!

Great-grandma sent Harper a doll and some sweet shades.  I was cracking up because the sunglasses strap on to her head and she couldn't get them off.  It is a great look.

Nothing like a little girl in her pigtails!

Harper thought she was supposed to eat the eggs.  Mmmm vinegar!

We tried out the Baby Ktan sling and Kate (and I) loves it!  This has made outside playtime and gymboree possible for Harper this week.

And this little sweet potato is so good.  Look how big she is!

Kate is doing so well and growing fast!  Brian and I can't believe how quickly time is going by; in a few days she'll be 4 weeks old!  Our chalkboard still reads, "Welcome home, Kate."  She's such a sweet little angel and makes me smile.  Her facial expressions crack me up and I tell Brian that Kate's going to be our funny daughter.

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  1. Kristy, in that first picture of you and Kate, she looks JUST like you when you were that little. Dad and I couldn't get over it.

    When I saw "4 weeks" I had to check the calendar. How it flies by! Love you...