Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter and lots of pictures

I picked out two very sweet dresses for my girls to wear to church on Sunday, but as the day approached, Brian and I had anxiety about taking Kate into a crowded church.  We decided to not go and spend Easter Sunday at home.  I was kind of sad, but I really think it wasn't time.  Our church is standing room only most Sundays, and Easter Sunday is even more crowded.

Here I am looking a little tired!


We had family time dying and decorating eggs and having an egg hunt in the back yard.  Harper had a wonderful time.  Do you think she got enough for Easter?  Brian didn't know that I had already stocked up before Kate came and hid the gifts in the closet, so Harper got double-duty.  What a sweet daddy.  She also got a toddler Bible from grandma!

Great-grandma sent Harper a doll and some sweet shades.  I was cracking up because the sunglasses strap on to her head and she couldn't get them off.  It is a great look.

Nothing like a little girl in her pigtails!

Harper thought she was supposed to eat the eggs.  Mmmm vinegar!

We tried out the Baby Ktan sling and Kate (and I) loves it!  This has made outside playtime and gymboree possible for Harper this week.

And this little sweet potato is so good.  Look how big she is!

Kate is doing so well and growing fast!  Brian and I can't believe how quickly time is going by; in a few days she'll be 4 weeks old!  Our chalkboard still reads, "Welcome home, Kate."  She's such a sweet little angel and makes me smile.  Her facial expressions crack me up and I tell Brian that Kate's going to be our funny daughter.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 weeks old

Kate was 2 weeks old yesterday and had her first official doctor's visit.  I was so excited to see how much she weighed!  Isn't that true for all mothers of newborns?  She nurses so much and has tons of diapers to change, so I had no doubt that she would weigh-in well.  And she did!  She weighed 8 lbs. even, up from 6 lbs. 10 oz. when we left the hospital, and grew almost 2 inches.  All of that feeding and sleeping is paying off, Kate.  You've been working hard!  She's my chubby girl. 

Harper insisted that I take her picture

My sweet potato has been so patient with me and Kate!  I'm so thankful for that.

"mom, NO more pictures!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

sneak peek

We received a few of Kate's baby photos.  I won't show them all, but here's a little sneak peek.

kate's room

Our photographer, Cory Doubek, did such a nice job and was so sweet and sensitive to me and my 5-day old Kate.  I ordered our announcements this morning and can't wait to send those out. 

Knock on wood, but Kate has been a wonderful baby the last 12 days.  I had such a hard time getting Harper to eat and this is just completely different.  Of course, I'm probably much more comfortable this time around too.  I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when I can actually get out of the house.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

on our own

We are officially on our own since Mimi went home yesterday.  We're doing great and it really isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I plugged in the monitor for a while and played with Harper outside while Kate napped.  That was really the first I'd been without Kate right with me.  I missed my Harper and really enjoyed the one-on-one that I got with her yesterday.  We played outside, painted, colored, and even decorated Easter cookies together.  

Harper asks to hold Kate's hand

playing outside in her playhouse

making Easter cookies

rewarded for not eating all of the cookies while we were making them

Kate doing what she does best...sleeping
Last night we also had our first outing as a family of 4.  Since I can't drive yet, I've been stuck inside.  I went to Target with Susan (mimi) on Wednesday, and last night our family of 4 went to eat down the street.  Delicious food consumed in a hurry.  We managed.  I must look tired, though, because I got a bunch of looks like, "oh, that poor young lady."  One woman even offered us her table.  Ha!  I'll get myself together soon enough.  Right now I'm just loving my girls.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

(some [mom] of you might notice Harper's signature brow-raise)

Harper went on an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend.  We had a little one in our yard last year, but this one was much different.  The nearby park had a little festival with bunnies, crafts, and an egg hunt.  Brian and his family took Harper while I stayed home with Kate.  That was kind of hard to let go, but I know she had a great time.  I just need a little bit more time to heal from the surgery.  Harper loves to collect rocks and shells and acorns and pretty much anything, so she had a blast.  One mom there told Brian that Harper had too many eggs in her basket and to put some back and Brian did not take it very well.  His daughter?  An over-achiever?  Noooooo.  Or as Harper would say, "no way."  

Little Bunny Harper and Mimi

The toddler egg hunt

Too many eggs

Kate has been a wonderful baby this past week.  She is officially one week old today (right now, actually).  She eats and sleeps and dirties her diaper perfectly!  Last night she slept 3 hour stretches-what a difference!  We'd been up quite a bit with feedings other nights because the girl LOVES to eat.  It is such a relief that Harper is doing well with her new sister, but I think the extra help from her mimi has been distracting.  She still wants me at bedtime, so we've just adjusted Kate's feeding for that special time.  

Sharing her minnie mouse accessories with kate

Uncle Jared came to meet Kate

Finally, look at her tiny hand-it just fits to my first knuckle

Friday, April 8, 2011

what could make me feel this way?

My girls.  Sigh.  

I got pretty teary-eyed last night putting Harper to bed.  I know its mostly hormones, but I couldn't help feeling the greatest joy having Harper in her chair for bedtime and Brian sitting next to us holding Kate.  Of course, Harper wanted to read Are You My Mother?, making the whole thing that much sweeter.  Brian looked worried and said, "what's wrong?" and I could barely get the words out:  "I'm just really happy."  

The girls met for the first time yesterday.  Since I had surgery and Harper's in her "mommy" phase, we thought it best to just bring her to the hospital to bring us home.  She brought Kate a little gift and we had a gift for Harper from Kate.  Harper was more interested in laying mommy's remote-control bed and kept pushing the buttons (making, I'm sure, the nursing staff very happy since there's a "call nurse" button that she was particularly interested in).  Harper, for the most part, was in awe of Kate and immediately said, "baby...mommy's baby."  She definitely knew.  When we got home, all she wanted to do was read to Kate and hold her own baby doll.  This afternoon she wanted to rock Kate.  It is truly wonderful having the two of them here.

Now, here are a million pictures because I just can't pick favorites right now.

she has Brian's feet for sure

Sweet girl

Kate's favorite spot

She's "the most curious baby I've ever seen...seriously" said the tenured nurse

Harper and Kate (and Buzz)

Kate's take-home outfit

our family

something's different...

who's that over there?

Kate in the pack and play

Harper wanting to read to Kate

Kate in her favorite spot again

Kate loves the swing!

We had newborn pictures taken today at the house and Kate was terrific.  We'd planned on getting some with Harper too, but it just didn't work out with timing.  I can't wait to see them!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kate's Birth

Kate was born at 10:55 am via scheduled cesarean and came out crying and healthy.  It was a wonderful experience and she's just an absolute dream.  She weighed 7 lbs., 4 oz., and was 18 1/2 inches long.  She's eating and sleeping perfectly and we brought her home today!  

Here are some pictures of our first day.  I'll post more a little later.  We're settling in at home nicely.  Harper is in awe, I think.  She is being very sweet.

On our way to the hospital in the morning. 

Seeing Kate for the first time after she got cleaned up.  We both cried a little and it was very sweet.  I couldn't stop smiling

Getting checked by the nicu nurse-she did great!

Holding my Kate for the first time.  This was so different than last time; I got to hold her the whole time we were in recovery (unlike with Harper, when I had to wait several hours).  This was wonderful!  She latched immediately and we really bonded here.

The three of us

Brian and Kate

In our hospital room, sleeping soundly; she has those Harper lips!

I'll post some more pictures later.  Welcome home, Kate!