Saturday, March 5, 2011

my sweetie

Harper's definitely changing lately.  She's become much more talkative and I can actually understand her most of the time now.  She'll repeat anything we ask her to- like "mommy's the best" and "daddy is stinky."  You know-important things like that.

She's also wearing me out!  It is much tougher this time around having a 2 year old to chase and (try to) discipline.  Sometimes I just can't do it and I have to sit down and rest.  Brian's been working so much lately and that makes things harder too.  But, after tomorrow, it will be 28 days until Kate!  So until then, this girl is getting a lot of attention.

she actually got a kick out of chasing and throwing the frisbee

Brian gets a little protective on the playground-
maybe it is all of the boys
the park was packed last weekend! 

playing legos this week

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