Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How To Make Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears

For Harper's birthday last month, I wanted to add Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears to the kids' goodie bags.  After looking on the internet and in stores, the best deal I could find was $5.99 a pair-and they didn't get good reviews either.  So, I looked online and found a great tutorial on how to make your own.  With some help from JoAnn's Fabrics coupons and the dollar store, I saved a ton of money making my own.  It took about 3 evenings to complete these, but I enjoyed it and think they were worth it.  

1.  First, I gathered my supplies for 16 ears:

-foam sheets (any color will do because they're being covered); these will make the ears stand up strong
-black felt (1 yard of polyester felt bc wool is pretty expensive)
-hot glue/glue gun
-measuring tape 
-toddler size head bands from the dollar store (any color will do)
-pink and white polka dot ribbon
-sharp scissors
-white chalk
-(optional) circle cutter
-(small juice glass for a) circle template

2.  Next, I measured the headband length and width for wrapping them in felt.  I multiplied the width by 3 and added an inch to the length just in case.  I traced the measurements onto the black felt with white chalk, cut the felt strips, and then hot glued them to the headbands.  I would recommend doing one first to make sure it works.  I would also recommend gluing the ends and then cutting them off, leaving about 1/4" glued together on the end.  Trying to wrap the ends was just a little messy. 

3.  Next, I played with different circles around the house to find the right template for the ears.  An orange juice glass worked great (it was nearly 3" in diameter).  I traced that circle 64 times onto foam sheets because you need 4 circles of foam for each set.  Luckily, I had a circle cutter so I didn't have to manually trace and cut these.  

circle cutter

4.  I measured the diameter of the foam circle and added just a bit for the felt part of the ears.  The two circles (front and back of one ear) are attached with a rectangular piece so that the ears wrap securely onto the headband.  I made a template using white paper.  It looks like this.  All I can say is play with the size using the headband width to get the right template.  Also, make sure the foam pieces fit and hide inside the felt.  

an optical illusion?

5.  I traced and cut 32 of the ear templates on to black felt(2 per set).  You need SHARP scissors for this.  

6.  Hot-glue two foam pieces together and then glue those two pieces into each ear, folding the ear at the rectangle but leaving a space in the rectangle part so it will slide onto the headband.  Let dry.

7.  Slide the ears onto the headband and hot glue into place.
8.  For Minnie Mouse ears, make big bows and glue between the ears.  I made the bows by simply meeting the ends of 9" of ribbon, gluing the ends together together, and then wrapping the center with another piece of ribbon. I hot-glued them onto the headbands.

9.  Finally, get some cuties to wear them!




Some of these "how-to" shots are photos from my iphone, so excuse the picture quality.  :)

I have to give credit to "The Suburban Mom" for her tutorial-I followed it the whole way!  She also kept me sane by reminding me that they're homemade and don't have to be perfect.  Have fun!


  1. WOW!You described with such DETAIL! Thanks EVER so much! I am on a budget but want a NICE party and your ideas are WONDERFUL!!!

  2. cool! thanks a lot!

  3. I am going to try this for my daughters party next week. Thank you!!!!

  4. How much did you spend to get all the supplies?

  5. This seems to be very fun and easy to make. I'm doing baby minnie mouse for my daughter Gabrielle1st birthday. I feel very confident about making them now. Thank You!

  6. You are the only person out there that actually taught step by step. i appreciate that. thankyou for the "lesson" :)

  7. Can't wait to make these for my daughter and nieces for our trip to disney world!

  8. These seem pretty easy to make. Doing them for my daughter's 2nd birthday. She's gonig to LOVE THEM! Thanks for taken the time!!!

  9. I'm a complete believer in saving money by DIY and I carry my Joann's coupon app on my phone to whip out at a moments notice. Just thought you might like to share this option with your readers. It a DIY kit that is already cut and ready to glue together. It includes the felt, foam circles, and headbands all for under $2.00 each. https://www.etsy.com/listing/111179243