Wednesday, March 16, 2011

harper's hair

I'm kind of thinking about getting Harper's hair cut.  It is just a wild mess right now.  I don't want to lose her length and curls, but it does look like it needs some taming.  I try brushing it, using conditioner, and wetting it in an effort to tame the madness, but I'm beginning to think it needs a little shaping.  Should I just bite the bullet????

eating as she cooks (like her great-grandma, Ann)

she said, "put it in the oven for Harper and me"


shortly after this suspicious "look" she colored on the chair

spaghetti-eating outfit
we call this the Beethoven look

We could just do this?

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  1. I debated on getting Elizabeth's cut off because I knew it would cut out her curls. I finally did it about 2 weeks ago. At first i was sad because it instantly made her look older. But by that night i was in love with her hair cut. It looks so much thicker and it doesn't HAVE to be in a bow to be cute. I think you should bite the bullet! Just save her locks:))