Tuesday, March 29, 2011

miss personality

Harper cracks me up these days.  She's really developing her own personality and is just the sweetest thing.  Don't get me wrong-she has her moments and is certainly rambunctious-but I think she is so fun-loving.  

She has a new thing where she gets her chair, a pillow, and a blanket and pulls them all to the middle of the family room.  Then she'll get a few books, lay down, pull the blanket over her, and read.  She must have seen me do this because I've never set that up for her.  It is so cute and she looks like a little old lady.  

I'm working on the countdown to Kate with Harper.  I put it off because I thought 21 days of chain would wear off probably by day 10.  Harper painted paper grocery bags and I cut the strips for the links.  We'll start the clipping tomorrow, counting the links and looking at the number on the chalk board as we go until the day Kate comes home.    

I'm having a hard time sleeping due to pain, so I'm glad that there's only a few days left.  It looks like I have a basketball under my shirt.  

because I don't have a picture of me (not) sleeping, and because I'm always trying to convince everyone (including myself) that Gabs is a sweet cat...I promise she is

Finally, these came in the mail yesterday-aren't they so cute!?  Harper will wear hers when she comes to meet her sister at the hospital.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

38 weeks and a diaper box

I'll warn you that I don't look like myself anymore.  I puffed up big time and I'm just over it.  It is what it is and the same thing happened in my last pregnancy.  The good news is that I only have a week left (versus 3 weeks like last time) AND, most importantly, we're both healthy.  Soooooo, I hate the way I look but it is temporary and I'll be back to my old self soon with a beautiful baby in my arms!  

(versus 2 weeks ago!)

Plus, when will I learn to take this picture at the BEGINNING of the day, instead of at the end of the day when I'm a complete mess?

Baby's size: 19 1/2 inches and 6.8 lbs, like a leek; the doctor said she's probably going to be in the low 8's...we'll see!!!

Cravings:  sweets! and water 

How I'm feeling:  puffy; I'm also having some low pain and LOTS of Braxton hicks contractions

Sleep:  turning over is painful, and I'm starting to have a little bit of insomnia from being so excited-ha!!!

My favorite part of this week:   my grandmother sent me a care package with some goodies and a blanket that she made for Kate

Planning:  just some cleaning; everything is ready.  Brian needs to get the video camera ready and install the car seat 

In case I go early and this is my last weekly post (yeah, right!), I just want to say how blessed I am and that never for a second do I take this for granted.  It is a wonderful miracle.  I also am so excited because I know what we're in for and how much I'm going to love Kate.  

Brian and I had some "me" time for ourselves this weekend.  I went to get my hair done and he played golf.  Look at his little sunburnt face!  

Harper played with a diaper box

and had a blast!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter book and shower gift ideas

Harper and I were reading yesterday and came across a great book that her Mimi gave her:  A for Angels.  The illustrations and verse make for such a beautiful book.  It would be a GREAT addition to any Easter basket (except Harper's because she already has it).  You can preview it here:  http://www2.netdoor.com/~lauriep/afor/angels.html

I need to find a good book for Harper's Easter basket-any ideas?

 reading One Fish Two Fish

Harper loves to sit in our bed and read.  

Also, my sweet neighbors took me out to dinner on Monday for a baby "sprinkle."  They gave me a gift bag with a list of dates and times that they'll be coming over to babysit.  There are about 20 dates from April to June that they'll be coming over for a couple of hours during the day to help me.  That is so sweet-and such a great idea!  Brian and I live so far from family that this is JUST what we needed.  

We've had an interesting week of hernia pain that we'll have to deal with after the c-section heals, sewage leaking under and damaging the hardwood floors, cancer removal for Georgia (she's going to be just fine), my hair dryer catching on fire, and a nasty cold.  So, I don't have much to post and I haven't taken many pictures.  I'm just ready for Miss Kate to be here!  I'm HUGE HUGE HUGE and just so ready to see and hold my baby girl!  Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

37 Weeks

I am full term!  Whoo hoo.  She could come any day and will most likely be just fine outside the womb.  I am so excited! Kate will be here in 2 weeks!  Brian and I are in nesting mode, trying to get things organized-like Kate really cares if the picture hanging sets are organized and stored according to weight capacity, or if all of our instruction manuals are catalogued, or if I sorted and stored the light bulbs, or...well, you get the idea.  I need to force myself to r-e-l-a-x and put my feet up.

Baby's size: 19 inches and 6 1/3 lbs., like a stalk of swiss chard (?huh?)

Cravings:  sweets!  and water (not swiss chard)

How I'm feeling:  I keep getting leg cramps and they hurt.  I also feel very very swollen (and I AM swollen).  It warmed up around here and I went "poof."  Only a few things still fit and I just feel and look huge.  I'm so excited and happy, though, that I don't really care.  

Sleep:  turning over is painful, and I'm starting to have a little bit of insomnia from being so excited-ha!!!

My favorite part of this week:   Watching Kate on the sonogram.  I could barely make her out, but I recorded what will be my last sonogram.  I couldn't believe how BIG she is!

Planning:  I typed out a "Harper Handbook" for when the grandparents watch her during our hospital stay.  

We had a busy weekend with 2 birthday parties, a stroll around downtown, and a trip to Bethesda.

Harper had some of my milkshake on Thursday and liked it so much that we took her for ice cream!  Finally!

big mama and Harper at the city dock

sunset at city dock

Conor's 1st birthday party

Sullivan, Conor, and Lisa

Harper enjoying music time at Conor's birthday party;
she definitely marches to the beat of her own drum

Friday, March 18, 2011

quick and painless

I'll start by saying that this totally isn't a big deal.  The people at the children's salon probably think I am nuts because I took 30 pictures.  Before we went in, I told Harper, "don't worry, honey.  Everyone does this and it won't hurt."  Good grief, what's wrong with me?  Harper got her hair cut yesterday and was a champion.  It helped that the place is made for kids with Dora the Explorer playing on the television and toys during the wait.  Then, they have fun seats for the kids to choose from and animal crackers to eat while they get their hair cut.  At the end, there's a treasure chest of goodies and a sucker.  It's like she went to the kids' spa yesterday.  The only time she cried was when we left.   


we brought Lego Buzz and Jessie with us

before; Harper chose the police car





Her little curls sprang right up once the ratty ends were cut, and overall I'm pleased!  It was actually quite quick and painless.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

harper's hair

I'm kind of thinking about getting Harper's hair cut.  It is just a wild mess right now.  I don't want to lose her length and curls, but it does look like it needs some taming.  I try brushing it, using conditioner, and wetting it in an effort to tame the madness, but I'm beginning to think it needs a little shaping.  Should I just bite the bullet????

eating as she cooks (like her great-grandma, Ann)

she said, "put it in the oven for Harper and me"


shortly after this suspicious "look" she colored on the chair

spaghetti-eating outfit
we call this the Beethoven look

We could just do this?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

36 Weeks

Slowly but surely, we're getting there.  For a while I looked at my stomach and thought, "how could a whole baby be in there?"  Well, not anymore!  I can say for certain that a whole baby is definitely in my belly.  Harper's been saying it a lot more too.  She says, "mommy's baby" and points to my stomach, or lays her head on my stomach.  She looks a little peturbed at the dark line down my stomach, and I have to say it isn't so pretty.

This week Kate sheds the downy hair and waxy substance that's been covering her body.  Will she have a full head of hair when she's born?  What color will her hair be?  Who will she look like?  

Baby's size: 18 1/2 inches and almost 6 pounds, like a crenshaw melon (still on melons-hopefully "watermelon" won't be in my future)

Cravings:  ice cream!  let's be honest here, I want that milkshake.  Before you click, I will advise you to NOT look at the "nutrition" tab.  Oh yes, I went there and my jaw d-ropped.  Just don't look at that part, okay?  Kay.

How I'm feeling:  puffy and tired.  When I can finally get these rings off of my finger, they're staying off.  I swelled a bunch in the last 3 or 4 days and my rings are stuck today.  oops  

Sleep:  turning over is a little painful, but I'm getting plenty of sleep

My favorite part of this week:   We picked up Harper and Kate's "sister" gifts that they'll exchange when they meet at the hospital.  I think that may be one of the greatest moments (hopefully) ever.  

Planning:  I packed my hospital bag, made and froze another meal, and sterilized and bagged my breast pump stuff and some "just in case" bottles.  What else is there to do?  Really nothing.  We won't put out the swing, infant seat, and bassinet until she comes home so that they stay clean.  They've been washed and are ready to go, though.

Tomorrow morning, Harper and I are going to make a paper chain with 21 links.  We'll hang it in Kate's room and then, starting Thursday, we'll cut a link each morning until she gets to meet her little sister (we'll be coming home that Thursday, if all goes as planned).  Hopefully it will work :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

clowning around

Harper is getting her 2 year molars and hasn't been in the best of moods.  She actually came up to me with her finger in her mouth and said, "mommy, teeth hurt."  Goodness.  Tonight, though, she was in a great mood-dancing around and being silly.  Check out the cutie (and her molar drool).  



"pillow"-where's she going with this?

She went here..."wheeee"

and here.  "somebody call '9-1-1'..."

She's crazy!  At the end of her Olivia book it reads something like, "Olivia's mother gives her a kiss and says 'you wear me out Olivia, but I love you anyway.'" Then Olivia says, "'I love you anyway too.'"  That is so very us. 

I'll close with these sweet little girls.  This is Harper and a couple of her friends giving Georgia a hard time.  They were throwing their snacks and toys to her-rough life, there Georgie.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


579.  That is the number of photos and videos that I had on my iphone up until about 5 minutes ago.  I have a bad habit of not syncing my phone to my computer-something that makes my geeky husband cringe.  So, I thought I'd do a "Week in the life of my iphone" post.  Here are the pictures I have:

Harper was looking at her boo-boo and fell asleep (don't worry, I wasn't driving-we were at home when I took this)

Gabby thinks this is her new bed.  Kate's room is the sunniest in the house, so most days you'll find her napping on the changing table.  She did the same thing with Harper's old room.

One of Harper's new favorite past-times:  trying on shoes.  We have issues with this at Gymboree when she goes through the cubbies and tries on other people's shoes

5 adults and 7 high chairs, please (yes, we're crazy). I couldn't fit everyone in the shot.

Harper and I had a girl's day of errands and treated ourselves to muffins.  She chowed down and ate the whole thing.  I don't know WHERE she puts all of her food!

When Brian got home on Sunday night, we went to PF Chang's for dinner because he was craving Chinese food.  
Note to self:  PF Changs honey sauce takes about 3 washes to get out of a toddler's hair.