Thursday, February 24, 2011

lazy days

We've been homebound for about 4 days.  Harper's just been so yucky sick that I didn't feel right taking her anywhere-especially after the temperature dropped from 75 to 20 and it snowed.  Good grief!  No wonder she's sick.  We finally got out to gymboree and the grocery store yesterday and that turned in to a disaster.  DISASTER.  She screamed the entire grocery trip, something she never does.  So, we came home and spent the rest of the day with some quiet play.

Lately, she's been so excited when Brian gets home from work.  She stands and looks outside when he leaves in the morning and says, "bye daddy" and "daddy work."  When he pulls up at night, Georgia starts to barking and Harper starts to squealing and it gets a little crazy up in here!  It sounds something like "bark bark bark daddy bark home bark eeeekkkkk bark bark daddy bark home bark yeahhhhh bark."  I can only imagine what Kate will think with all this commotion.  I'm sure Brian gets a kick out of it.   

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