Monday, February 14, 2011

Kate's Room

Kate's room is ready for her and I love this space.  It is clean, calm, cheerful, and bright.  The wall color is Antiguan Sky by Benjamin Moore, and I paired it with chocolate brown, pink, and white.  I'm no designer, though-I took a picture from Pottery Barn Kids and went from there.

This is the dresser and big window.  The flower pillow, and many of the accessories, are from Home Goods (love it).  The glider will go where the pillow is when the Wallace's bring it in April.

The furniture is from Babies R Us.  The photograph really dwarfs the furniture and art, but they're BIG.  

The crib again

And again

One last look 


  1. I love the room! It is so the rest of your house.

  2. where did you get the wall art? i am thinking of painting a bedroom that color and the colors in the wall art are great with it!