Monday, February 28, 2011

34 weeks (and 1 day)

I haven't been feeling well (a cold has made its way through our house), so my post is a day late here.

I'm 34 weeks and 1 day!  I had my doctor's appointment today and everything went well.  I was so amazed at how loud and STRONG her heart sounded today.  The doctor's eyes got wide with me and we smiled together.  We talked about how much bigger her heart is now versus the beginning-I know that is logical, but to hear the difference over time is so neat.  She's also gaining more fat now (that makes two of us) and working on her developing nervous system.

Baby's size: 18 inches and 4 3/4 lbs., like your average cantaloupe (I never liked cantaloupe until I got pregnant with Harper and then again with this pregnancy.  I can eat it up!)

Cravings:  ice cream-oh my I could kill some ice cream right now.  Chik fil a has a banana pudding milkshake that I think I could eat every day.

How I'm feeling:  puffy.  I'm starting to swell and I'm constantly hungry.  I've also fallen 3 times-my balance is off with all of this weight.  Kate is really low and I feel some low pressure now.

Sleep:  My pregnant friend said it takes a crane to turn her over when she's asleep and that just about sums it up for me.  I'm also battling head congestion so sleep is okay.

My favorite part of this week:  1.  having a banana pudding milkshake on saturday (he he); 2.  hearing that galloping heart beat so strong today; and 3.  going to the park and seeing the pregnant animals and the new babies!  I was looking forward to this again this year and it is so neat.  The goats and pig are plump and due in the next two weeks.  There was a calf and several lambs born in just the past couple of weeks.  

look at this sweet baby

I'm starting to feel and see some resemblance between me and penny sue, the pig

this momma was not happy with visitors
it is okay-all new moms get cranky sometimes

Planning:  I made 8 frozen meals in one week.  It was actually pretty easy.  The hard part will be waiting to use them since grocery shopping and cooking are getting a little harder.  I made two of each of the following:
1.  Shrimp and chicken gumbo (I added rice and chicken to Paula Dean's recipe to thicken it up and double the recipe)
2.  Salsa verde chicken enchiladas
3.  Italian polenta casserole
4.  Taco pasta shells 

I'm going to stock some spinach lasagna too, but what else?  I need to hunt for some more recipes that aren't all-carb.

Real simple has some great slow cooker recipes in this month's issue-most of them take 15 minutes or less of preparation.  They look really good and pretty healthy, so I'm going to try some of them this week.  

Can you tell I'm pregnant?  All I'm thinking about is food!  HA!

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  1. How about some chili or veggie chili? Lots of protein, notta lotta carbs. Maybe meatloaf? Big pieces of ham that can be sliced up quickly and made with easy sides. Pulled pork for sandwiches? Those are just some of my ideas. You look pretty darn cute, little mama. Be careful with all that slipping. Maybe tie a medicine ball to your back. Balance?