Sunday, February 20, 2011

33 Weeks

Kate has the hiccups right now and gets them a few times a day now.  She doesn't seem to like them too much because she kicks and fusses around each time.  I've got the waddle going on and things are in full swing.  In 6 weeks, or just 42 days, we'll have our baby.  I can't wait!

whoa momma!

Baby's size: 17 inches and 4 pounds, like a pineapple-mmm, I could totally go for some pineapple right now

Cravings:  sweets!  This weekend I had portions of blueberry tart, bread pudding, baby shower cake, and a Godiva truffle (or two)

How I'm feeling:  waddle-waddle, I'm getting uncomfortable

Sleep:  I sleep great still; there's the 4 am bathroom break-no matter  how I time my last drink-but I still sleep well

My favorite part of this week:  my friend Lindsay's baby shower today.  She looked so cute and got the sweetest gifts.  I've so enjoyed sharing this pregnancy with her and can't wait for our girls to be friends.

Planning:  Kate's baby blanket came in this week.  We got her the same one we got Harper, but in a different color.  It is called a "My Blankee."  I also want to start making and freezing some meals for when it is just me and the girls at home by ourselves.  

This little sweet potato wanted to enjoy some nice weather on Friday.  Shortly thereafter, on Saturday, she got slammed with a 103 degree fever and we had to go to the doctor.  Poor baby has strep and is taking antibiotics.  

She's barely ever sick and unfortunately picked a weekend that we had friends in from out of town.  They had to leave with their 9 month old baby, so we were all pretty bummed.  She seems a little better today.

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