Tuesday, January 4, 2011

furry babies

I found these two snuggled on my bed tonight.  They weren't happy with me photographing them...

not happy at all.  For all of you who know Gabs, you know that she does not like to be bothered.  Unless you have food, of course.

And this little munchkin stole Elfette from the pile of Christmas decorations and ran away with her as fast as she could.  

I'm looking at this picture wanting to comment on her and her obsession with oatnie (oatmeal), but I can't help but notice the two Jessie's that snuck into the picture.  The sad thing is that a third Jessie was on the floor below.

We had just a normal day around here.  Is anyone else ready for spring already?  Let me just say that getting January catalogues featuring shorts and bathing suits is depressing enough, but getting them when you're pregnant is pure torture.

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