Thursday, January 6, 2011

dinner and dancing

I feel like I've already posted this before, but oh well.

We have a nightly tradition of dinner and dancing.  Yes, we're fancy.

tonight she wanted her tutu

After dinner, Harper says, "dance."  Tonight it was, "Daddy, dance" as she ran into the family room for our ritual.

We used to try the Toddler Tunes station, but she's a little too hip for that; she wants Party Mix (she's like her mama).  Once the music starts, she stands wide and shakes her hips, runs in circles, bobs her head, and claps her hands at the end of each song.  I think it is her favorite time of the day-and probably ours too.

christmas eve dancing
p.s. Brian is out getting me ice cream at 9:37 pm.  He's too sweet...and so's my craving.

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