Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Weeks

Kate is 30 weeks today (I wrote this on Sunday but couldn't find my camera cord).  I'm down to only 9 more weeks of pregnancy.  People are asking me if I'm anxious or how I'm feeling. I have to say that I feel really good.  Knowing that this is my last (planned) pregnancy makes me take it all in.  I'm not scared, I don't feel anxious, and I have no concerns about bringing a new baby home.  I'm just really happy!

Kate's eyesight is continuing to develop, and she can sense dark and light.  When she's born, her eyesight will only be 20/400 (like my mom's- just kidding).  She won't even be able to really see my face-funny since I'll be sitting there staring at hers for hours.  I can't wait to see her! 

Baby's size: 16 inches and 3 pounds, like a head of cabbage 
Cravings:  ice cream-good grief, I'm typical.  We took Harper to get ice cream for the first time today.  She didn't like it.
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  I have to say that I feel so much better now than I have during the rest of the pregnancy.  
Sleep:  Sleep is getting tougher, but I'm getting plenty of rest.  I sleep like a rock!

My favorite part of this week:  I got Kate a couple of outfits this week.  I only got her 2, but I felt like it was a big deal since most of her clothes are hand-me-downs.  One is monogrammed with a "K!"

Planning:  I pulled out all of the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes and started washing them in Tide Free.  I had to make a trip to buy the Tide Free for the new girl.  Going through the clothes was bitter sweet, as I remembered Harper being so little.  I'm so glad that I get to use them again.

The room is almost finished and I'll post it soon!  We just need to hang the curtains and art.

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