Sunday, January 16, 2011

28 weeks

We're into our third trimester!  Whoo hoo!  Time is going to fly by now-in just the blink of an eye (our Kate can now blink her eyelashes!), we'll be holding our daughter.  She may also start hiccuping soon-something Harper did every time I ate a meal.

getting BIGGER!

Baby's size: 14.8 inches and 2 1/4 pounds, like a Chinese cabbage  
Cravings:  ice cream and Mexican.  
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  I went to the movies this weekend (for the first time since May) and she was pressing on me so hard during the loud scenes.  She's laying sideways with her back to the outside and presses soooo much.  
Sleep:  Sleep is getting tougher, but I'm getting plenty of rest. 
My favorite part of this week:  Harper likes to put her head on my belly.  I'm also thrilled that I'm in the 3rd trimester...the home stretch.
Not so favorite part:  Let this just be a quick lesson, and then I won't post any more of these.  When you ask a pregnant woman how much longer she has until her due date and she says 11 weeks, don't bug your eyes out, put your hands on your heart in disbelief, and gasp, "NO WAY! I can't believe you have 11 more weeks to go!!!!"  Yep, that happens at least once a day.  Look, I know I'm big.  I will think there are twins in my belly up until they deliver one on April 4th.  You don't have to remind me that I'm large and in charge.  I know.  Sadly, every person who has said this has young children and went through a pregnancy not too long ago.  I have to laugh, though.  It is pretty funny...right?

Planning:  We've test-driven 5 cars because I'll be getting something a little bigger for the two kids.  So long cool cars.  We've narrowed it down to two and I'm exited to have a taller vehicle and thus some back relief.  

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