Monday, January 31, 2011

30 Weeks

Kate is 30 weeks today (I wrote this on Sunday but couldn't find my camera cord).  I'm down to only 9 more weeks of pregnancy.  People are asking me if I'm anxious or how I'm feeling. I have to say that I feel really good.  Knowing that this is my last (planned) pregnancy makes me take it all in.  I'm not scared, I don't feel anxious, and I have no concerns about bringing a new baby home.  I'm just really happy!

Kate's eyesight is continuing to develop, and she can sense dark and light.  When she's born, her eyesight will only be 20/400 (like my mom's- just kidding).  She won't even be able to really see my face-funny since I'll be sitting there staring at hers for hours.  I can't wait to see her! 

Baby's size: 16 inches and 3 pounds, like a head of cabbage 
Cravings:  ice cream-good grief, I'm typical.  We took Harper to get ice cream for the first time today.  She didn't like it.
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  I have to say that I feel so much better now than I have during the rest of the pregnancy.  
Sleep:  Sleep is getting tougher, but I'm getting plenty of rest.  I sleep like a rock!

My favorite part of this week:  I got Kate a couple of outfits this week.  I only got her 2, but I felt like it was a big deal since most of her clothes are hand-me-downs.  One is monogrammed with a "K!"

Planning:  I pulled out all of the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes and started washing them in Tide Free.  I had to make a trip to buy the Tide Free for the new girl.  Going through the clothes was bitter sweet, as I remembered Harper being so little.  I'm so glad that I get to use them again.

The room is almost finished and I'll post it soon!  We just need to hang the curtains and art.


Harper went sledding for the first time.  Brian rode down our (flat) front yard with her, she rode the toddler sled by herself, and then we took a cue from the boogie boarding in September and tied a leash to the front of the sled.  Brian pulled her around on that.  I don't know if she had fun-what do you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

random post

I don't have anything to post.  We're getting snowed in as I type and I'm just sick of winter.  It is particularly dreary with a near-2-year-old because we get a little stir crazy.

We're weaning Harper from the pacifier and finally just took it away all together tonight.  She's crying and mad.  It would be so easy to just give in, but we're going to give it an honest shot.  She's only had it at night for about a year now, so this is kind of torture for her.  Brian and I sit and look at each other, wondering if we should just give it to her and let her grow out of it.  There's conflicting literature and advice on it, so we're just going with what we think is the most reasonable.

Other than that, there's not much else going on around here.  So, here are some random pictures from the last week.

Here's my "we decided not to let Georgia on the new couch" picture.  
Who could resist this sweetie when it is so cold outside?

Here's my "mom, this winter stuff is borrrrrinnnnng" picture

And finally, here's my 
"oh my goodness, the Pioneer Woman's chicken and dumplings is 
soooo good! you should make it" picture

Sunday, January 23, 2011

29 Weeks

Kate is 29 weeks today and growing fast now.  I feel myself getting "rounder."  My belly sticks straight out, but now the sides are filling out too.  Last night I could feel what I think were little feet sticking out.  She is still right on the outside of my belly and often pushes her little bottom out. 

Baby's size: 15 inches and 2 1/2 pounds, like a butternut squash  
Cravings:  ice cream-good grief, I'm typical  
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  I have to say that I feel so much better now than I have during the rest of the pregnancy.  I'm still having morning sickness about 3 times a week, but other than that I feel good.
Sleep:  Sleep is getting tougher, but I'm getting plenty of rest. 

My favorite part of this week:  hearing her heart beating strong.  Hey, here's a cool trick...look at what our baby can do:

she's getting so strong!  I'm getting my calcium!

Planning:  We picked out the new mom car and it is a black Subaru Outback.  I have always wanted one and it will be here this week.  It will make loading the kids so much easier (you're welcome, aching back) and has plenty of room for a double stroller and groceries.  I laugh about that because Harper loves to dig through the grocery sacks in the back seat on our way home from the store.  

Kate, you'll be here in just 10 weeks.  If this were a championship basketball game, the crowd would be counting down!  10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harper loves to read

We've been battling stomach viruses around here for what seems like, no what has been two weeks.  This is the first time Harper has ever thrown up, so I'm counting my blessings despite the yucky-ness.

Needless to say, there's been a lot of reading, cartoons, play-doh, and painting.  Oh, and don't let me forget all of the laundry and disinfecting too.  When Harper or anyone around here gets sick, I go into clean mode and scrub the whole house.    My already winter-damaged hands are not thanking me.

Here's the little one reading a book yesterday. I'm amazed at how kids pick things up so quickly.  She remembers what words go with the pictures and is memorizing books.  Her favorites now are by Sandra Boynton and Dr. Seuss.   She loves to read!  I hope that's something she continues to enjoy.

Monday, January 17, 2011

baby it's cold outside

Baby, it's cold outside...and we're stuck indoors.

I'm reminded of The Cat in the Hat and how the kids, along with the cat, went stir crazy and made a huge mess in the house.  Hurry up, spring!

She may look cute in the pictures, but when it came to the snow, she H-A-T-E-D it.  She threw off her mittens and tried to play that way, but once her hands hit the snow she started screaming in pain and ran for me and then the door.  I had to sit and hold and blow on her hands while she cried for about 5 minutes.  As Harper said, "no outside" for another couple of months.

Harper's 1st My Little Pony...JOY!

Daddy can't dance with you right now...TANTRUM!

Okay, now he can dance with you...JOY!

So, we stay busy with lots of art projects, play dates, dancing, reading, and Gymboree time.  Harper is a trooper and we're making the most out of things.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

28 weeks

We're into our third trimester!  Whoo hoo!  Time is going to fly by now-in just the blink of an eye (our Kate can now blink her eyelashes!), we'll be holding our daughter.  She may also start hiccuping soon-something Harper did every time I ate a meal.

getting BIGGER!

Baby's size: 14.8 inches and 2 1/4 pounds, like a Chinese cabbage  
Cravings:  ice cream and Mexican.  
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  I went to the movies this weekend (for the first time since May) and she was pressing on me so hard during the loud scenes.  She's laying sideways with her back to the outside and presses soooo much.  
Sleep:  Sleep is getting tougher, but I'm getting plenty of rest. 
My favorite part of this week:  Harper likes to put her head on my belly.  I'm also thrilled that I'm in the 3rd trimester...the home stretch.
Not so favorite part:  Let this just be a quick lesson, and then I won't post any more of these.  When you ask a pregnant woman how much longer she has until her due date and she says 11 weeks, don't bug your eyes out, put your hands on your heart in disbelief, and gasp, "NO WAY! I can't believe you have 11 more weeks to go!!!!"  Yep, that happens at least once a day.  Look, I know I'm big.  I will think there are twins in my belly up until they deliver one on April 4th.  You don't have to remind me that I'm large and in charge.  I know.  Sadly, every person who has said this has young children and went through a pregnancy not too long ago.  I have to laugh, though.  It is pretty funny...right?

Planning:  We've test-driven 5 cars because I'll be getting something a little bigger for the two kids.  So long cool cars.  We've narrowed it down to two and I'm exited to have a taller vehicle and thus some back relief.  

Monday, January 10, 2011


Go laugh out loud at this blog post from today at The Lettered Cottage

Oh how I love animal posts.  Here's a quick one from me.

This had me laughing.  Georgia is the sweetest girl in the world.  Is that a smile on her face at the end?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

27 weeks

Our little Kate is 27 weeks along.  I feel like I'm nearing the "safe" mark.  I just keep thinking "stay in there for a little while longer" to get to that safe time.  She's opening and closing her eyes and sleeping at regular intervals (at least for now!).  Did I mention that she's opening her eyes?!!!  I'm just amazed at this whole process.  Her lungs are now functioning, though at a very minimal level.  Sweet angel, I can't wait to see her in April!

Baby's size: 14 1/2 inches and almost 2 pounds, like a head of cauliflower.  
Cravings:  ice cream and Mexican.  Okay, this week I had both.  Brian went out at 9:30 and got me a small pint of Ben and Jerry's from the gas station (in his pajamas, poor guy).  Last night we went to this great Mexican place in DC before the hockey game.
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I have at least one Braxton Hicks contraction every day, no matter how much I'm relaxed.  It feels like she's pressing out on me as hard as she can.  It is very weird and makes me wonder if I'll go into labor on my own.
Sleep:  I sleep great!  
My favorite part of this week:  When Harper is asleep, I like to walk into Kate's nursery and just look around.  It is so peaceful and sweet.  I also taught Harper to say "Kate."  She has no idea, but it is cute.

Planning:  Brian picked up all of the furniture on Friday night and put it together over the weekend.  We got the same furniture (but in white) as Harper because I did a lot of searching and it is just my favorite.  I kind of figure if the girls eventually want to share a room, I can paint Harper's furniture to match and they'll have a cute set.  The cribs both eventually convert to full beds.  Anyway, the furniture and bedding are set.  I still have window treatments and a rug.  I've picked out the curtains, but I'm going to wait and bargain hunt at Home Goods for a rug.  

This weekend we got to go to DC for the Capitals hockey game.  Brian's work had a suite so we had free tickets.  Brian loves the Caps, and I just go to hang out with him.  Beforehand, we got to go eat Mexican (oooooh yeahhhhh) at this great place called Oyamel.  I love living so close to DC and so many awesome restaurants.  

The caps won!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

dinner and dancing

I feel like I've already posted this before, but oh well.

We have a nightly tradition of dinner and dancing.  Yes, we're fancy.

tonight she wanted her tutu

After dinner, Harper says, "dance."  Tonight it was, "Daddy, dance" as she ran into the family room for our ritual.

We used to try the Toddler Tunes station, but she's a little too hip for that; she wants Party Mix (she's like her mama).  Once the music starts, she stands wide and shakes her hips, runs in circles, bobs her head, and claps her hands at the end of each song.  I think it is her favorite time of the day-and probably ours too.

christmas eve dancing
p.s. Brian is out getting me ice cream at 9:37 pm.  He's too sweet...and so's my craving.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

furry babies

I found these two snuggled on my bed tonight.  They weren't happy with me photographing them...

not happy at all.  For all of you who know Gabs, you know that she does not like to be bothered.  Unless you have food, of course.

And this little munchkin stole Elfette from the pile of Christmas decorations and ran away with her as fast as she could.  

I'm looking at this picture wanting to comment on her and her obsession with oatnie (oatmeal), but I can't help but notice the two Jessie's that snuck into the picture.  The sad thing is that a third Jessie was on the floor below.

We had just a normal day around here.  Is anyone else ready for spring already?  Let me just say that getting January catalogues featuring shorts and bathing suits is depressing enough, but getting them when you're pregnant is pure torture.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

26 weeks

I'm at 26 weeks today and we are both steadily growing.  Baby Kate can now hear me and Brian carry on a conversation.

Baby's size: 14 inches and a pound and a two thirds, about the size of an English hothouse cucumber.  
Cravings:  ice cream and Mexican.  For the record, I've had NO ice cream!  I'll break soon.
How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I'm still having Braxton Hicks that force me to sit down and relax from time to time.  
Sleep:  I sleep great!  
My favorite part of this week:  She just kicks and kicks and it cracks me up!  The doctor said something like, "she moves a lot....good luck with that!"  I told Brian that I think we have a feisty one because I don't remember Harper moving this much.  I can also completely feel her outline at times.  It is weird!  I know where her head and feet are and can feel her on the outside.  Let me just say, she is 14 inches from head to toe, and she is tiny.  She needs to stay in the hot tub for a while.

Planning:  Our bedding finally shipped and the furniture should be here soon!  Harper is getting ready for a new little sister; for Christmas she got a baby doll that cries, sucks on a pacifier, and eats a bottle.  She has two babies-a little one I let her have during our angel tree shopping trip (she made it almost hour in the toy section and was so good) and the big one she got on Christmas morning.  She usually brings me the big baby and says, "mommy's baby" then she rocks the little one and says, "Harper's baby."  How cute.  Let's just hope that she doesn't try to stuff her little sister into her Winnie the Pooh car like she does the play baby.