Wednesday, December 15, 2010

there's no use crying over spilled milk

Yesterday I had a big playgroup at my house and a couple of the kids spilled their juice boxes on the freshly mopped hardwood floors.  The nice moms were so sweet and concerned about it.  Oh dear!  Harper never spills her drinks!  Ha!  

Motherhood has certainly taught me to relax a little bit.  Speaking of spills, Harper also NEVER spills all of her books off of the shelf.


She likes to take every book off of the shelf and then sit in the middle of them and read each one.  This happens at least once a day.  

please note the milk on her romper.  her new thing is to drink a big gulp of milk and then giggle as it spills out of her mouth onto her shirt/carpet/me

As does spilling every single Lego onto the floor so that she can build with all of them.  

I used to pick up after her constantly, but now I just wait until the end of the day and do it at once-you know, since at the end of the day I'm the most tired and I'm so big that I can't bend over any more so I have to crawl on all fours to clean up-yeah, that seems to be the best time.  :)  Oh how I love her, though!

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  1. I read in my book the other night, a comment by an old woman, telling a young father "This is the best time of your life, you know, when your children are growing up around you." She told him she hoped he realized that. It goes by so fast. I'm glad you are embracing even the small things. They'll be in your memories always.