Tuesday, December 7, 2010

our little engineer

I don't have the decorations finished, so I'll post them when I do.  We have to finish tonight, as Brian has had 3 very work intensive days.  Saturday and Monday was a little nuts, so we will finish tonight.  I could have done it myself, but I like it when we decorate together.  We listen to the Peanuts Christmas Album-this will be the 7th year we've done that.  Our first year, I'll never forget, we had no money and set a $25 limit on each others' gifts.  We got a free tree from my parents' church-it was a "leftover" and we decorated it to that Christmas music.  When the tree was finished, we turned off the lights and plugged in the tree as the last song on the album, "Greensleeves" played on the CD player.  That album is seriously the best-you can preview it here:

I don't have a digital picture of our first Christmas-we didn't have a camera (good grief!)- but here's one from NYC in 2005.

Okay, so moving on.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at her toys and realized she needed some more "grown up" items.  Time goes by so quickly and I forget.  Considering she's not in daycare or any preschool, I don't mind getting her some good toys.  So she got an early Christmas gift-a train table.  She'll get a kitchen on Christmas morning, but we needed something until then.  Brian put it together last week and since then she's constantly telling me, "play choo choo!" so that we can go to the playroom.  

This train table rocks!  It requires 3 hours of putting it together-phew!-but I think it was well worth it.  It came with all of the tracks, trains, people, accessories, and the table has 2 big drawers for storage.  My two favorite things are that it makes sound and it is made of wood.  Here's Harpster playing with her train table.


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