Thursday, December 16, 2010

let it snow!

We got a little bit of snow today and it is so pretty.  I'll let Harper play in it some more in the morning when it stops coming down.  She loved the snow last year, and I think she'll love it again.

She also loves the Christmas tree.  We had just a little potted table tree last year with a few ornaments because Harper was walking and we just didn't have any room in our house.  She's enjoying looking at the ornaments and says, "kismastee" when we walk by it.  


We got all bundled up and went to buy our baby furniture tonight!  We now have to install a closet organizer because right now there's just a single rod in a pretty big closet.  Then I'll start sorting and washing Harper's newborn clothes and getting those ready too!  It is crazy to think that I have just 3 more months after this month.  We have a set c-section date and time, so it is even crazier to know that she'll likely be here at a specific moment.

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  1. Kristy -- wishing you ALL a wonderful Holiday!! Can't believe the baby is only 3 months away! Harper looks beautiful! Hugs, z