Thursday, December 30, 2010

hot dog, it's already party time!

homemade mouse ears-from

I'm starting to plan for Harper's 2nd birthday.  Yikes.  I know it seems early, but I'll have to get the invitations out in the next 2 weeks to make it in time.  So, Brian and I have been discussing if and where we should have it.  We've decided on one of her favorite .  I'd love to have it outside somewhere, but February does not permit.  Actually, we usually have snow that week in February. So inside at Gymboree it is.

I'm still going to do a theme, and this year I'm making it Minnie Mouse.  There'll be pink and red everywhere during the next 6 weeks, so supplies will be easy.  I'm thinking of going with hot pink and black and keeping it simple-just lots of play time and cake.  I'm getting some blog inspiration like this:

-also from

And look at these cute invitations in red and black:


Harper and I are going to have a little girls' day tomorrow and I'm going to start hunting for some party bargains.  

BTW-she went down for her nap with only 2 minutes of crying this afternoon.  Phew!  I think it is going to work!


  1. I just noticed that both parties were for little girls named Kate. Hmm.

  2. Saw your post on Kelly's Korner & wanted to send you the link to my daughter's Minnie Mouse party that I threw last January! (And, her name is Kate also!!!)
    Happy party planning :)