Sunday, December 5, 2010

ho ho ho

I've taught Harper to say "ho ho ho" when she sees a Santa Claus
but a mother's optimism is just one of my flaws.  
See, she likes him on dresses, on presents, and on walls, 
but to sit on his lap, she does not like at all!
I dressed her in a smocked romper of cheerful green and red,
but the cuteness would not prevent her from becoming quite sca-red.
My meter is failing me and I'm tiring of rhyme,
so I'll just tell you-
Santa had a sore knee this time.

all 3 of us sitting on Santa's lap (me and my girls!)

So we obviously took Harper to a Santa visit.  It was at the mom's club kids' party and there is photographer there, but this is the picture Brian got.  I wasn't planning on being in the picture-I would have worn something a bit more festive.  This picture is also the one point she wasn't burying her head into my chest.  Let's just say it was a typical toddler-Santa visit.  

We've been busy getting into the Christmas spirit.  We made Christmas cookies for my wonderful neighbors.  They've been so warm and welcoming since we've moved in.  They brought us dinner the first day we moved in, showed us all around the neighborhood (via 5 am morning runs), happily take care of our dog while we're away, and are just the nicest people.  I put tape on the sprinkle jar to slow the flow of sprinkles and let Harper "shake!"  

I changed our kitchen chalkboard and put the Linus quote from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie on our chalkboard.  That movie and soundtrack is kind of a tradition for me and Brian (remember this picture from last year),

and it is so sweet.  Linus is explaining the Christmas miracle to Charlie Brown and quotes from Luke 2, "'Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth Peace, good will toward men.' That is what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown."

I always like being pregnant this time of year because there's such a spirit of promise in the air.  Brian was saying tonight, "when the girls get older...we'll do this at Christmas."  It was so sweet to think about having "the girls" help pick out a tree and decorate.  I'll try and take some pictures of our decorations tomorrow.  try being the operative word...

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