Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas at home this year.

Since we've moved into a new home, we decided early on to have an open house at Christmas-that would give us 6 months to get the house together.  We invited people from the neighborhood, along with many friends, and had a great turnout.  My favorite part of the evening was our Santa surprise for the kids.  We had 20 kids here (yes, I somehow survived), and it was so neat.  I don't usually see kids at Christmas parties, and I think it was nice to have families enjoying the evening together.  My father in law helped us with Santa and I think it turned out really great.  I couldn't believe how the kids came RUNNING to see him at the front door and then quietly sat down for him to read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.  My Harper seemed to be getting sick that night, so she wasn't in a great mood.  But, otherwise we had a wonderful time.

We went to Christmas Mass at 4:00, and even though we had to sit in the gymnasium (there was no room in the inn (church)-ha!) it actually turned out to be perfect.  We were right in the front our favorite priest conducted the mass.  The title of the homily was "Recalibrating" and he discussed making adjustments in how we treat others.  It was refreshing.  Here we are all dressed up for church.

dancing with her daddy
so graceful...

Christmas morning was fun, as Harper actually knew what was going on.  She tore open presents and sat and played with each one as we opened our secret santa gifts from one another.  She received mostly cups, plates, and pretend food because her grand finale gift was a kitchen-and it is quite the hit!  Brian and his dad spent 3 1/2 hours putting it together into the wee hours of Christmas morning.  And so it begins...


baby Kate's dress for spring
For dinner, we had a simple but scrumptious meal of ham, green beans, dressing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes.

Finally, we all sat around watching A Christmas Story, as that seems to be the only movie on on Christmas day, ate some Rotel dip basically for dinner, and just enjoyed being with family.  We had a light dusting of snow and made a nice fire in the fireplace.  All in all, we had a Very Merry Christmas!

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