Sunday, December 12, 2010

23 weeks, 22 months, and a winter's nap

Our baby is 23 weeks along and growing!  She can hear things outside of the womb and clearly feel my movements.  When I read that today, I thought, "no wonder" because every time I turn over at night she goes crazy kicking and moving around.  I guess if I wake her up, she's going to keep me up too.  I thought that wouldn't start for another 17 weeks or, when she's born!

Baby's size: over 11 inches and just over a pound, about the size of a large mango.  She's going to start plumping up here in a few weeks

Cravings:  sweets!  'tis the season!  This happened about the same time with Harper.  I'm going to try my best to control myself

Aversions:  crab meat-but I did have some cooked sushi this week.  I'm kind of over aversions now.

How I'm feeling:  pretty good.  I'm sick only about once a week now.  I am having Braxton HIcks contractions now and I never had those with Harper.  They are uncomfortable and force me to sit down and chill.

Sleep:  I'm sleeping like

My favorite part of this week:  I can see her kick on the outside now.  It only happens every so often, and Brian still hasn't felt her yet, but if my hand is there and she gives a good kick (or punch), my hand moves. So neat.

Planning:  we have NO NAME.  Brian is not digging any of the names we originally talked about, so we have no name.  I don't like that.  I just feel there's something weird and impersonal about it.  So, I've got to get him searching!


My Harper is 22 months old today.  She's only 2 months away from being 2!!!!  I'm starting to think about her birthday party options and think I'll probably do a Gymboree party to make life easy.  We have limited options due to winter, and she loves that place.  I think it will be a nice party.

So here's what is going on with you Miss Harper

  • You're beginning to speak in small sentences and it is adorable.  You're saying, "where did it go?" and "there it is!"  I love it.  
  • You talk constantly!  I can't understand a lot of it, but you're practicing and I'm so glad.
  • This morning, you asked, "where did daddy go" and I couldn't believe it.
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE your duplo legos.  You have started building huge structures and you call them houses every time.  Will you be a little engineer?
  • Speaking of engineer, you also love your train table and trains.  You will tell me when you want to go play with "choo choo" and you love to show them off to friends and family.  The train table is the first toy you've become a little possessive over.  I don't like that part, but we'll work it out.
  • You tell me when you "go" and I think you're getting ready for potty training time!  You say, "poop, yuck!" when you go.
  • You recognize the relationship between mother and baby.  It if funny, though, because when you see two Woody dolls and one is bigger than the other, you call the big one "momma" and little one "baby" and make the big one hold the little one.  You do this with other big and small toys that look similar.  
  • You read read read all by yourself for a good hour almost every day.  I've always spent a lot of time reading to you-since you were a few months old-and now you love to read to yourself.  Your favorites are Moo, Baa, La La La; Are You My MotherI'm a New Big Sister; your toddler Bible; and of course Toy Story.  
  • You color furiously.  I can give you a big brand new coloring book and box of crayons and the coloring book will be completed in less than a week-every little bit colored.  You're an intense artist.  You don't color in the lines of course, but you color objects on the page.
  • You eat well-finally.  You're good at telling me when you're hungry and you're a good vegetable eater!  Yay!
  • I'll admit it-you're on a mommy kick right now.  You want your momma all of the time and get so excited when you see me.
  • You are so friendly.  You're still scared in certain situations, but you are so sweet and friendly with everyone.  You don't see it when people are mean to you and it will break my heart when you do one day.  A little boy pushed you down the other day and you just giggled because you thought it was funny.  You got back up and kept going.  Oh, how I hope you'll keep that sweet heart.  

I'll close with this picture.  Can you guess who curled up with who?  
You may be surprised by the answer...

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