Monday, November 1, 2010

teen wolf

Well, we thought we had a lot of leaves before, but boy oh boy were we wrong!  We put down sod this fall, so we have to pick up the leaves often-not all at once like we used to do at our old house.  So, the last two weekends we've raked leaves.  It takes hours and then next day...well, we just stare as the trees rain leaves all over our lawn.

Harper likes to help us rake leaves-she is so cute.

Brian went to a Halloween party on Saturday night.  I didn't feel much like dressing up this year, so I stayed home and watched a movie.  Brian used the Teen Wolf costume that I made a few years back, so it was easy.  He's a goofball, but we usually come up with something good for him.  Last year he went as a plastic green army man.  We spray painted camo gear and a helmet a pure green.  He looked good but smelled like paint.  I am definitely going next year, and I have a good costume planned that I didn't get to use last year.

This was all of our Halloween decor.  We carved pumpkins too, but I can't ever get a good picture of them in the dark.

Harper helped us pass out candy to all of the little kiddies.  We gave out so much at the beginning and the kids were saying, "whoa, thanks" and then we ran out!

Here's to November and the holidays!

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  1. In our neighborhood we wait until March to rake - that way we know they are all off the trees. Harper is so cute! She will be Mommy's helper when the baby arrives.