Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeping up with the Jones'

trading babies

We went to visit the Jones family in Raleigh NC this past weekend and had such a great trip!  Harper is a trooper on road trips.  We always stock snacks, drinks, books, toys, and a movie to keep her occupied.  Let's hope that she is that good on our upcoming plane trip-when I'll be traveling solo with her.  Eek!

So, our sweet friends moved back from Boulder this summer and we finally went to see them.  They have a beautiful little boy named Beckett (I know, you wish you'd thought of that name before, right?)  and they've just moved into a house.

Of course we walked in to the smell of delicious candles (soo Anya) and a warm bed.  We visited for a while and then hit the hay-rowdy Friday night for 4 parents.  Of course, Matt and Anya made us a DELISH breakfast the next morning of bacon, eggs, and mmmmmmmm grits!  I think all we did all weekend was eat.  Isn't that how it is when you go out of town?

Matt and Brian trying to get Harper to go tease the guitar girl in the park

Harper clapping for the guitar girl...nice work, guys
i love how North Carolina has so many pines
We had such a nice fall weekend with them and I loved meeting little Beckett.  Matt and Anya are adorable with him!  It is so funny and sweet to watch your friends grow into parenthood.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words! We loved having you. You did forget to mention that one of the most important things we did was discuss the drama in the blogosphere with all of our close blog "friends."