Tuesday, November 30, 2010

20 and 21 weeks combo

Since I was out of town, I really didn't even have time to sit down and do my weekly prego update.  I was running everywhere after Harper.  It is hard chasing her all day and being pregnant.  The girl does NOT sit still-ever.  Everywhere I go I hear two things:  1. "Boy, she sure has a lot of energy, huh?" and 2. "Boy, you're going to have your hands full with another one."  Yeah, thanks peeps for making me feel better. :)

Okay, so back to the baby in my belly.  I'll combo these two weeks.  My 20 week picture was taken with my phone and is a little blah because my camera was dead and I was out of town.  I'll take the 21 week picture tomorrow.  Our baby is 21 weeks and 3 days along and is kicking up a storm!  She's kicking now as I type.  She also now has eyebrows!

  • Baby's Size:  10 1/2 inches and 3/4 of a pound-about the size of a carrot.  And I love carrots!  
  • Cravings:  salty food ?  I'm not really craving-craving, I'm just always hungry
  • Aversions:  seafood still-must be a Maryland thing
  • How I'm feeling:  my back is killing me.  I'm starting prenatal yoga this week at the same place I used last time.  It made a huge difference.
  • Sleep:  She kicks all night long and I haven't been sleeping very well.  She starts around 8:00 or so, right when I start to wind down, and kicks all night.  I think it is wonderful!  
  • My favorite part of this week:  telling our family that it is a GIRL and being able to say "she" now.  I won't yet reveal the name I keep calling her in my head.  I'll have to get word from Brian on that one.  
  • FUN STUFF:  I've chosen the nursery set and paint color.  I'm going to get the paint and have Brian and his dad paint the room over Christmas-the color is Antiguan Sky by Benjamin Moore.   I'm going to do white furniture and white curtains.  My mother in law's friend gave her a pink and white glider and foot rest that will go perfectly.  I can't wait to get started!     


Monday, November 29, 2010

we're back

We just got back yesterday from a week in Memphis with our families.  I had a wonderful time visiting LOTS of family and friends.  We also told our families a little secret we've been dying to tell:  we're having a...
susan and lisa catching up

cousins!  harper loved playing with all of her cousins

my parents have 7 grandchildren and one more on the way!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

at the zoo lights on Saturday night-this was sooo neat!
we rode the choo choo, drank hot chocolate, and saw the pretty lights
Harper on the big girl swing at my parent's house

harper and madge

elizabeth helping prepare the food for 23 people

harper meeting her newest cousin, abby

eating thanksgiving dinner-she only ate the cranberry sauce
visiting Wes and Allison and their new baby, Bryn

brian looks like, "oh boy, we're in for it again!"

harper fishing with her pop at the children's museum

Oh yeah, we're having a

We just couldn't wait and found out at our sonogram.  We surprised our families on Thanksgiving with the news.  She's healthy and moving around all of the time.  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Keeping up with the Jones'

trading babies

We went to visit the Jones family in Raleigh NC this past weekend and had such a great trip!  Harper is a trooper on road trips.  We always stock snacks, drinks, books, toys, and a movie to keep her occupied.  Let's hope that she is that good on our upcoming plane trip-when I'll be traveling solo with her.  Eek!

So, our sweet friends moved back from Boulder this summer and we finally went to see them.  They have a beautiful little boy named Beckett (I know, you wish you'd thought of that name before, right?)  and they've just moved into a house.

Of course we walked in to the smell of delicious candles (soo Anya) and a warm bed.  We visited for a while and then hit the hay-rowdy Friday night for 4 parents.  Of course, Matt and Anya made us a DELISH breakfast the next morning of bacon, eggs, and mmmmmmmm grits!  I think all we did all weekend was eat.  Isn't that how it is when you go out of town?

Matt and Brian trying to get Harper to go tease the guitar girl in the park

Harper clapping for the guitar girl...nice work, guys
i love how North Carolina has so many pines
We had such a nice fall weekend with them and I loved meeting little Beckett.  Matt and Anya are adorable with him!  It is so funny and sweet to watch your friends grow into parenthood.

Monday, November 15, 2010

19 weeks and a sonogram

We had our 19 week sonogram today and everything went PERRRRFECTLY!  I'm so relieved that the baby looks healthy.  He/she was moving constantly, and kept putting his/her hands in front of his/her face.  We got a few good pictures of the face, though.  I'm amazed at how the baby looks so much like a little baby (well, duh!).  Probably my favorite part was when she showed us the baby's 4 chambers of the heart.  That was so cool!  The chambers were moving in unison and it blew me away.

So, by now the baby is the size of an heirloom tomato (though ours is measuring on the HIGH end of that spectrum).  He/she can probably hear my voice, and is growing hair on his/her head.  Harper came out with a full head of hair, so we'll see.

  • Baby's size:  the doctor said 10 ounces (a couple of ounces bigger than the book says); I didn't ask length, but the book says 6 1/2 inches

  • Cravings of the week:  pickles, salty food, green vegetables-finally, something healthy

  • Aversions:  seafood

  • How I'm feeling:  much much better-it has been nearly a week since I've thrown up!  That is a record for this pregnancy!  This is also the EXACT time that I stopped getting sick with Harper!  I'm starting to feel BIG, and my back  hurts-I have to STOP picking Harper up so much.  

  • Movement:  I feel the baby mostly in the evenings, but also during the day.  Watching the baby moved today blew me away because I didn't feel any of the movements.   I must only feel the BIG movements.  The movement is low.

  • My favorite part about this week:  our sonogram that showed us a healthy little baby.  I'm so relieved and even more excited.  It is like my heart was holding back a little until today.  Now I'm just giddy!  

  • FUN STUFF:  Now I'll start posting some fun stuff each week (like preparations, etc.).  I've been looking at baby bedding and rooms and here are my two top picks

  • 1.  This girl room from Pottery Barn Baby.  I love the blue, pink, and brown and I think this is so pretty.

    2.  This boy room from Pottery Barn baby.  I like the neutral color for the boy against the denim blue wall.  I also like the stars and natural elements.

    I also like these from Target:

    with white furniture

    or this one

    wouldn't this be pretty in an orange-pink room? 


    Sweet Dreams!

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    the view from here

    as I looked up from the table tonight, I couldn't help but feel thankful

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010

    Happy 38th Birthday!

    I don't have a lot to post today, but we are having a good week.  It seems like our days are quite full, and the weeks are flying by this fall.  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away!

    Anyway...it is November 10th.  My dad's birthday!  Happy Birthday Dad!!  We won't discuss your age, but you still seem the same age to me as you did 20 years ago.  You're 8 and said "yes" to being in the dunk tank for your school's homecoming!  Maybe you feel 20 years younger than you are!
    Happy Birthday!

    me and dad!

    Harper and her grandpa last November

    dad's "fake" cake with a million candles

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    18 weeks and getting married

    I'm 18 weeks!  Our baby is kicking all of the time-I think more than Harper ever did.  Of course, Harper was in her hot tub relaxing and just never wanted to come out or anything, so go figure.  I'm feeling the baby all of the time now, and soon Brian will be able to feel the kicking too.

  • Baby's size:  5 1/2 inches from crown to rump, about the length of a bell pepper (err, okay...), and weighing 7 ounces

  • My weight gain this month:  4 pounds.  I'm going steady at about 7 total pounds.  I wonder how long I'll continue to publicly log this...

  • Clothes:  maternity pants and shirts

  • Cravings:  none, really, except maybe a little Caesar salad that I'm not supposed to have.  I'm just hungry all of the time!  I really need to control myself.

  • Aversions:  seafood

  • How I'm feeling:  still throwing up once or twice a day-once in the morning and once in the afternoon.    I'm having round ligament pain.  I feel pretty good, though, and have my energy back for sure.  

  • My favorite thing this week:  feeling the baby kick kick kick!

  • Now, on to marriage.  Brian was dancing with Harper the other night and I asked him, "what song will you and Harper dance to at her wedding?"  He looked at me and said, quite matter-of-factly, "she's not getting married" and kept dancing.  So I asked her, "Harper, are you getting married?" and this is what she said...

    I can't wait to share this at her rehearsal dinner :)

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    teen wolf

    Well, we thought we had a lot of leaves before, but boy oh boy were we wrong!  We put down sod this fall, so we have to pick up the leaves often-not all at once like we used to do at our old house.  So, the last two weekends we've raked leaves.  It takes hours and then next day...well, we just stare as the trees rain leaves all over our lawn.

    Harper likes to help us rake leaves-she is so cute.

    Brian went to a Halloween party on Saturday night.  I didn't feel much like dressing up this year, so I stayed home and watched a movie.  Brian used the Teen Wolf costume that I made a few years back, so it was easy.  He's a goofball, but we usually come up with something good for him.  Last year he went as a plastic green army man.  We spray painted camo gear and a helmet a pure green.  He looked good but smelled like paint.  I am definitely going next year, and I have a good costume planned that I didn't get to use last year.

    This was all of our Halloween decor.  We carved pumpkins too, but I can't ever get a good picture of them in the dark.

    Harper helped us pass out candy to all of the little kiddies.  We gave out so much at the beginning and the kids were saying, "whoa, thanks" and then we ran out!

    Here's to November and the holidays!