Monday, October 4, 2010


I have to have a little post to support my Tennessee Volunteers.  If you haven't heard or seen what happened at the end of the game against LSU on Saturday, youtube it and watch closely.

We'd recorded the game and watched it a little late due to some Fall festivals going on around here.  While we were watching the game, really expecting UT to lose against #10 LSU, we couldnt' believe our eyes when it was down to 40 seconds in the 4th and we were winning the game for most of the game.  Could we actually BEAT LSU?!!!!  Then, we DID!  We beat LSU.  We were on our feet, mouths open, excited...and then... (I wish I could make that ellipsis in mega bold or something, or give you some 'dum, dum, dum' music) the referee called the teams back to the sidelines.  We'd already celebrated and rushed toward the locker room.  Well, there was a REASON we'd rushed to the locker room-it was because we knew we'd made a boo-boo, as Harper would say.  Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.  Or maybe just two "oh no's" because that's how many extra players we had on the field.

Anyway, they gave LSU the ball back half the distance to the goal for the penalty and they ran it in for a touchdown with 0 seconds on the clock.  We lost.  We were in shock and a little angry, but it was all fair.  LSU did not lose because we had 2 extra players during that last 5 seconds of the game, so I am counting it as a win.  We played better than LSU and should have won that game.  We messed up.

But, I am proud of my UT.

Harper's been so cute lately.  She is starting to talk in sentences, though I have NO clue what she's saying.  But, it is funny to hear how she talks and all of her little intonations.  I found this shopping cart at a consignment shop last week and it has been non-stop shopping for her around the house.  She puts everything into the cart and throws a little fit when her baby won't sit up straight in the cart.  She's not at all like her mamma.  

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  1. Saturday was touch....but I am still holding out that we (the Vols) we pull off an upset this year. I have my fingers crossed.