Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brian meets Justin Bieber

I took Harper up to my old work today and everyone chimed, "she looks just like Brian."  They've said that since she was born, and I'm finally just accepting it.  I mean, really, she does look just like him.

hey Harper, Justin Bieber called and he wants his hairstyle back...

I had a yucky day today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  Harper poured 10 ounces of milk on herself in her car seat and I had no change of clothes, it rained cats and dogs and we had a list of errands we had to run, I've lost forever all of my teaching materials from the last 6 years, and my back was having a bad day.  Just a yucky day.

However, I got to end it with some yummy take-out thai food and Survivor.  I also get to go to the doctor tomorrow.  AND, because I've lost all of my teaching materials, I'm taking advantage tomorrow and wearing pajamas until Harper takes her nap.


  1. I am really sorry about your teaching stuff. I can't imagine how frustrating that is... you put so much time into it. Just know that I will send you any/all of my stuff. We didn't teach a lot of the same stuff, but whatever I do have you are welcome to it. Despite your horrible day, I am jealous of you for one VERY IMPORTANT reason.... Lemongrass. You lucky girl. Good luck at the dr. tomorrow.

  2. thank you, Anya! yes, I'm finally back to the spicy food and am taking advantage before the heartburn kicks in!