Saturday, October 30, 2010


Since Harper had pneumonia and swine flu last Halloween, we are so thankful that she is well and can celebrate as a little butterfly this year.  Today, we'll carve our pumpkins and decorate for trick-or-treaters.  We'll skip trick or treating and wait until next year, when she's old enough to have a piece of candy (and not get scared of the chik-fil-a-cow).  I've really enjoyed this month, though, and I'm looking forward BIG TIME to Thanksgiving now.   I'll post our jack-o-lanterns tomorrow.

Harper as a purple butterfly

me, Harper, and baby 2 at the side door

at the Gymboree party

bubbles and pure joy! (oh, and drool too)
Let me just say that Harper is a sucker for everything at Gymboree.  She's like their poster child because she looooooooves all of the activities and runs around like she's in Heaven!

Our doctor's appointment went great on Thursday.  The heart was beating at 148 and the doctor confirmed that everything looked good.  17 days until our sonogram!  Despite the morning sickness, I'm gaining weight VERY well!  Ha!

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  1. I know where Harper gets her enthusiasm for things like Gymboree - from her Mama. You always loved things like that and were the star! At least she got something from her Mama because she got her looks from Brian (which I am sure makes him puff up all proud, and raise his eyebrow - again, just like Harper).