Tuesday, October 19, 2010

georgia on my mind

I have nothing to write about, really.  I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and someone just performed "Georgia On My Mind."  That's the song that played when we picked up our puppy Georgia almost 7 years ago.  We hadn't chosen a name and then that song came on.  It gets me every time I listen to it and reminds me how much I love my dog.  Everyone said that Georgia would be forgotten once I had Harper.  They were somewhat right-there's no love like the love for your child.  BUT, there's also no love like the love for your dog.  Georgia has been the best dog and is always my angel.  Have you noticed her in pictures?  You'll usually find her right there with Harper.  They're becoming best buds and partners in crime.

So, that's all that is on my mind.  Well, that and the fact that Harper screamed, cried, and shook with fear tonight at the Chik-Fil-A cow.  We just can't eat there.  It has been a while, so I tried again-and failed miserably.  I had to get a bag and take the food home with us.  She was so happy when we left.  Brian and I have this dream to surprise Harper and her brother/sister one day with luggage packed and a "we're going to Disney World...right now!"  I just hope she's over the phobia by then-ha!!!!


  1. Geogia has the " have you found out yet" look about her and Harper is hiding as if she was part of the " crime". What a pair!!!

    love ya all

  2. Yes I get it!!! Georgia is such a sweet dog, all she wants is LOVE and all she gives is LOVE! Harper is one lucky little girl, EVERYONE LOVES Her!!! Happy Day Harper Rose