Thursday, October 14, 2010

20 months young

Today I told Harper, "you're twenty...can you say, 'twenty?'" She promptly replied "twenny."  That just about sums up Harper at 20 months old.  Copy-cat and word-learner.  Here's where we are at 20 months:

  • I don't know how much you weigh because we're never at the doctor.  You're just about the healthiest kid I've ever met (a HARD knock on wood).  I'm going to guess about 23 pounds.  You're light as a feather, kiddo.  You're still long and lean.  Maybe you're so skinny because all you do is run and dance.  You have long legs too, I've decided.

  • Your hair is growing so fast these days, and it is blond and curly.  Have I mentioned that you are your father's clone?  I have to put a bow in your hair to keep your bangs out of your eyes.  Luckily, you've always worn one, so you don't mind.  No scissors are touching your hair for quite a while.  

    • You sleep great-from 8 pm to 7:30- am and nap from around 12:30 until 3.  You love your bed!  After I rock you, you point to it to go to sleep.  Daddy just lays you in it without rocking and you're content.  In the mornings, you jump (HIGH!) in the bed like a monkey.  You're always grinning when we come in to get you up.  You sleep with your blanket that dad bought you before you were born and a binkie.  The binkie is going soon, only have it at bedtime.
    • You say A LOT!  Your new words are movie, Buzz, Woody, Jessie (notice a theme?), no, Sunny, juice, berry, mimi, gramma, pa-pa (grandpa), book, and out (outside).  There are MANY more, but I can't keep up.
    • You color like a pro!  You love to color with crayons and paint with finger paints.
    • You eat with a fork and spoon and do not like your hands to get dirty.  The other night you ate all of your spaghetti with a fork.  
    • When you're thirsty and take a drink, you throw back your drink and finish with "ahhh!"
    • You tickle others.

    • You can name and point to all of your main body parts.
    • You hate for me to brush your teeth.
    • You're in love with Toy Story, especially Buzz Light Year.  You should be him for Halloween, but daddy won't really let you.  You're obsessed with him.  You have 3 Buzz figures.
    • You're great at Duplo blocks (toddler Legos).  Daddy bought you too many and I spend a lot of time picking them up when you're asleep.
    • You're very loving-you kiss your toys, your parents, and your pets.
    • You bit me today.  That's right, all that love and you bit me for the first time today.  You were in a rage and hungry and bit me like a beast.  My eyes are wide just thinking about it...what am I going to DO?  Where did you come up with that?  That time out chair is going to warm this winter.
    • You love to dance.  Every night we have dinner and dancing.  After we eat, we put on the music and you dance it up.  Your cutest move is when you stand with your feet wide and shake your hips.  It is hilarious.
    • You love your dog, Georgia.  It makes me melt because the two of you play together.  Georgia is protective of you, too.  
    • You will sit and "read" to yourself for a good thirty minutes... when you're in the mood.

    I could go on and on about you, Miss Harper.  You just get better and better every day.  I NEVER dreamed my world could be full of such happiness.

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