Friday, September 10, 2010

Story Corps

I used to drive to school/work when the sun was coming up, and I always enjoyed that quiet time in the car.  I drove over two bridges and took my time over them to see the pinks, oranges, and blues from the sky reflecting off of the chesapeake.  Fridays were my favorites for the most obvious reason, but also because it meant "story corps" on NPR.  The program started at 6:35, at the end of my little commute, and I usually wound up sitting in the parking lot at work crying.  My friend Susan would listen too, and we enjoyed discussing it.

Every Friday, story corps airs a story or collaboration of stories just about the human experience.  Anyone in America can go to a lab and record his/her story.  The aired stories only total about 3 minutes, but those few minutes speak a lifetime of love, hurt, joy, beauty, and reality.  I love it so much that I bought the book, Listening is an Act of Love.  

Susan texted me this morning to tell me to listen to it.  I went online and listened, and you might enjoy it to.  Here's the link:

Every September they air something about September 11th.  This one's pretty original.  

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