Monday, September 20, 2010

Harper's 1st UT Game

We scored some last-minute tickets to the UT/Florida game for this weekend.  I haven't been to a UT game since before I was pregnant with Harper, so I was so excited to go!  The tickets were free from a sweet friend, and we even got one for Harper.  We figured we had our best chance for this with 1. a free ticket and 2. a 3:30 kickoff.  So, we packed up the car, sent Georgia for a sleep over, poured the cat a huge bowl of food, and made our way on the 8 hour trip.  More about why this was kind of extra scary later...

We made it to our hotel at 11:00 on Friday night and went upstairs to put Harper to bed.  We brought a pack n play, the one she usually sleeps so well in on all of our trips.  Let me just show you a picture of how long Harper was literally doing summersaults in her pack n play:

Yes, that's right-4 am.  At this point, I got her out, gave her a snack, sang her "mockingbird" (that's our song), and put her in the bed again.  She fell asleep.  Please note that Brian was asleep through the whole thing.  He could sleep through a tornado spinning him off to Oz.  

So, the next day, I knew, was going to be rough.  She was already missing a nap, and we were up at 9 the next morning.  Good grief.

We went to the tailgate with my sorority pledge class, and had a good time eating, catching up, and watching the kids.  There were 4 kids under 2 there, and they were so cute!

After that, we loaded up the car with our tailgating stuff and headed back to our parking spot.  We no sooner buckled Harper in and she was sound asleep.  So, we had to let her nap for about an hour up until the 2nd quarter.  I was really sad to miss the opening because it is really the best part-the band, Smokey, and the team running through the T...but, the girl was a mess and had to nap.  

After that, we had a great time at the game.  We had awesome seats and were able to take the umbrella stroller all the way to our seats.  Harper was so good during the game and I'm so glad that we braved the toddlerhood and went to the game.  

Sadly, UT lost the game.  It seems like we're on a roll in the first couple of quarters, then we get freaked out and blow it.  I don't know what the deal is.  Maybe inexperience coupled with/causing fear?  Anyway, we went back to the hotel after the game, changed and went to dinner.  Harper made herself at home in our room.  AND she went right to bed that night.  

calling downstairs for extra pillows

enjoying her room service (mommy), breakfast in bed

What a great weekend!  

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  1. It was so good to see you and meet Miss Harper. She is such a doll. I'm glad she got a little nap in before the game. Looks like she enjoyed her first UT game! Jessica