Wednesday, September 29, 2010

growing girl

Well, we've got a growing girl around here, and it isn't Harper.

A couple of months ago Brian came home from work and I told him that I had a surprise treat for him in the oven that I knew he would love.  He wasn't in a great mood, and he kept on working in his office.  I told him, to just go in there and get it because I knew he'd really love it.  He went to the oven and opened it, giving me this annoyed expression:


Then he said, "why would you do that to me?  Why would you tell me that you had something for me and then just stick

a bun in the oven?"  I said, "Brian, think about it for a second."  Then (and it was definitely a few seconds) he got it and couldn't believe it.

This is his look of shock.  Ha!  I think if I hadn't been snapping his picture, he would have never gotten it.  I'd tried all day to find Harper a "Big Sister" shirt around town and no one had one.  So, this was how I told him.

So, we are having a baby!  We planned on trying to get pregnant this Fall, and it didn't take us any time.  We are THRILLED!  I'm due to have a planned c-section the first week of April.  AND, we're NOT finding out what the baby is this time around (much to many people's dismay).

So, how am I doing?  Well, I'm almost 13 weeks and I feel pretty nauseous all of the time.  I'm throwing up a bunch still and am kind of miserable about it.  Taking care of Harper during the nausea has been tough, but I'm figuring it out.  I'm looking forward to this going away, but I was sick until week 20 with Harper, so I think I have a ways to go.  I've slacked on cleaning the house because frankly, I'm just so sick.  I've gained 4 pounds, despite the vomiting, so that should tell you about my appetite!  I'm always ALWAYS hungry.  I'm craving fruit, and bread.  I could eat 2 Panera bagel sandwiches for breakfast, an apple and crackers for a snack, a sandwich with turkey or ham, avocado, tomato, cucumber, and brown mustard with sliced pear on the side.  Then, I could have some trail mix in the afternoon, and anything warm and traditional for dinner.  Tonight I'm just making ravioli.  I made tikka masala with chicken last night and I could NOT eat it.  Brian loved it.  We had an appointment today and all went well.  I was a little nervous because I didn't feel like I'd grown much in the last couple of weeks.  But, everything was great.

I'll start posting some profile pictures as soon as I start taking them.  I didn't really do that with Harper, at least not on a weekly routine, so I'll give it a shot this time.  For now, here's a little picture of our baby at 8 weeks.

And here's the munchkin at the doctor's office at 8 weeks.  She saw the sonogram machine and kept saying, "movie!"  I think that's why she's smiling so big...

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