Thursday, September 9, 2010

beachy keen

We had a good Labor Day weekend, despite threats from mean ol' hurricane Earl.  Our plan was to go visit friends in Raleigh, NC, then head to Greenville to pick up some other friends, then head to the Outer Banks.  But, as of Wednesday night, Earl was headed straight for the OB.  So, we waited it out to see what would happen and ended up getting to go to the beach on Saturday.  Earl didn't really hit where we were going, so it kind of worked out.  Could the beach look any more beautiful?

Brian had the great idea to let her "surf" on the boogie board.  Harper was a natural! 

Our beach baby certainly loved it.  I mean, look at that little surfer girl!  It was much different than last year.  This year she can walk run, and she had a blast.  We met up with Matt and Kathryn in the nicest little place and enjoyed the beach on Saturday and Sunday.  It was a short trip, but I'm glad we got to go even for a little bit.

harps spent hours collecting shells, digging in the sand, and RUNNING into the ocean

I'm just now posting because I've been battling a nasty cold since Monday,  and it has been hard.  Taking care of Harper (who's also sporting a runny nose and apparent cold) while I'm sick is not easy.  The house has been a wreck, but oh well.  Brian's been bringing me soup and medicine, and I'm starting to feel better.  I'm popping a lasagna in the oven for some non-liquid food and turning in early again.  Good night!

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