Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new baby and old friend

My friend Amanda had a baby last week and I got to run over to the hospital to visit her and her new son, Ryan. He is absolutely adorable and so LITTLE! I haven't held a newborn in...many months, and he was just so tiny and cute. Amanda was such a trooper and is going to be a really good mom. She was all calm and laid back about the whole situation, and said she was excited to take him home. It was so good to visit with her and see her beautiful son-and a little surreal being back in the maternity ward!

Here's the happy family!

That same night, our friend Tom came in town to stay for the weekend. He lives up in New York now, but we try to get together a few times a year. We really miss him and had the best time hanging out. Harper was a little shy at first, and then in true form warmed up immediately. She gets attached pretty easily.

Harper and Tom getting ready for the pool

But nothing compares to her love for her daddy. When he gets home from work, she runs to him with arms stretched out for a hug. Then, we he gets her, she looks at me like, "see, this is my daddy." It is the sweetest.

Tonight Harper and I went to Chik Fil A since Brian had to work late. If he's working late on Tuesdays, we go because they have family night on Tuesdays and kids eat free. It usually goes really well...usually. Tonight the Chik Fil A cow came out. Cue the Jaws music, because Harper was absolutely terrified. Take every action that a terrified person does and that's what Harper did. First her eyes got wide, then she shook, then she grabbed me and was clawing at me to get her out of the high chair. She spent the next 30 minutes eating her dinner with her head buried in my chest. Every time the cow came by, she shook violently! I couldn't believe it. I felt so bad for her. I suppose it is normal for this age? One thing's for sure-there's no Disney World for her in the near future.

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