Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lazy days of summer

enjoying a graham cracker break at the pool

You know, it is the end August, and we're all just about tired of the summer heat and ready for cool fall breezes, pumpkin spice latte's, football season, and falling leaves.  Every spring I'm so excited for the green, and every August, I'm so excited for cooler temperatures.

time for wonder pets while mom cooks dinner
So, we're ending the summer with lots of indoor play and a little bit of pool time when it isn't too hot.  If I say, "pool" or "gymboree" it is all over!  Harper actually knows the route to both the pool and gymboree and she starts crying when we pass either one.  On the other hand, when we pull into the parking lot of either, she's screeching either "pooooal" or "g-g-g-g."  She's a mess.  But, those have been our saving grace this summer because it is just so hot.  We'll be finding new outlets this fall since gymboree unlimited classes ends today and the pool closes on Tuesday.  We'll figure something out.

I love my sweet girl.  She just gets better and better.  She's talking more and more and notices these little things that I wouldn't think she'd ever pick up on.  Like when she puts her hand in her mouth because she thinks it is "mickey mouth."  Or then she'll put a dog bone to her ear because she thinks it is a dog phone.  Like I said, it just gets better and better.

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