Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wine country

Well, part 2 of our San Francisco trip was Napa. We spent a couple of days there and toured 3 vineyards. Since we stayed with friends in San Francisco we splurged a little on the Napa hotel and stayed at the Westin Verasa. I could have stayed there for a month it was so peaceful. Then we took a limo around Napa to a few vineyards.

Here we are getting into our limo. I haven't been in a limo since...I've actually only been in a limo once and it was in 9th grade for a friend's birthday party. I think that's right-I can't remember any other time. Funny.

Anyway, Napa Valley was beautiful and by far my favorite part of our vacation. I tasted some delicious wine, learned a lot about how they make it, and loved the gardens.

Here we are at Robert Mondavi. I had the best experience here out of all of them. Our guide made the tasting seem simple and fun. One of the wines tasted like banana cream pie!

These are Cakebread French Oak barrels. There were hundreds of them! The Cakebreads bought their land in Napa Valley in the early 70's at something like $2500 for over 60 acres. They knew nothing about wine and just started it up! Can you imagine? I learned the most about making wine here.

We finished at Hess and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Napa was so beautiful and I will definitely go back one day. On our way home the next day we went to Sausalito for a late lunch and then went back into the city. Like I said, I enjoyed San Francisco, but I'm not really a city girl. Napa was so beautiful and peaceful.

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  1. Your hair looks lighter. It looks really nice. Glad you had so much fun in California. I'm with you when it comes to preferring the quieter small towns to the crazy big cities.