Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Harper's been swimming a bunch lately down at our pool. She is pretty good in the water. At times, she's grabbing onto our hands with a tight grip, and then other times she's kicking in the water and running on her own after a beach ball. I don't really have much to say this post, so I'll just post some pictures of my cutie swimming yesterday (and all of the pool rules she breaks...okay, they're not really rules, but they could be). Please note that this is a 1/2 foot to 2 foot kiddie pool.

Rule 1: Exit the pool at the ladder

Rule 2: No running

Rule 3: No splashing

Rule 4: No inflatables in the pool

Rule 5: No peeing (or number 2-ing) in the pool

Okay, is she a track star, or what?
Happy Swimming!

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