Tuesday, July 13, 2010

San Francisco

Brian and I just got back from a fun trip in San Francisco. Brian's mom watched Harper for a few days while we had a little trip with just the two of us.We flew on Virgin America-what a wonderful airline! We also got to stay with our friends, Marian and Kevin, in their apartment in downtown San Francisco. We walked A TON, up and down those hills, shopped a little, ate A TON, and visited with a bunch of friends. We made the cheesy trip to Alcatraz and I actually really enjoyed it.

It is such a spooky place, but kind of interesting. Being out there on that rock, you realize what a mental prison the place really is. We also went to Golden Gate Park and a museum to see the "Birth of Impressionism" exhibit traveling from France. We saw the famous Lombard Street, and many many views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our trip to Napa was by far my favorite part, so I'll make that another blog post.

I missed my girl, though, and I'm so glad to be back home with her.

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