Monday, July 19, 2010


Harper has a "habit" of running all day long. I don't know where she gets the energy, but she runs everywhere! She makes little tasks for herself, like moving the coasters from one table to the other, and runs back and forth as she works.

We did a bunch of running this weekend as we went to two friends' houses for cookouts and playdates. Saturday we went to Virginia to have a cookout with our friends at Lisa and Andy's. Look at how big and CUTE Sullivan is!

They have an adorable new baby named Conor. He's 4 months old and looks JUST LIKE his mother! I think it is so neat how they're close in age and will have a special bond.

Look at the two of them looking out of the window for their daddies.

Here they are back in November. They're growing so fast!

another November picture

Then on Sunday evening we went to Alec, Adam and Sunny's for dinner. The girls love each other and play so well.
Sunny has the best toys...

especially the air purifier that Harper sticks her face in to let her hair blow-and not to mention that baby dolls (she's become obsessed with baby dolls)

I need to make a point to photograph the adults once in a while. :)

So we were running a little bit this weekend. Brian had to work some, and I desperately needed to get some grocery shopping and cleaning done after being behind from our trip. Harper stayed up a little past her bedtime both nights, so we may be pushing that time back to 7:00 or 7:30. I like having her up later, especially when she eats dinner with us. She's getting so big. I didn't really buy anything in San Francisco, but I did find her these cute yoga pants. Notice the color? We're getting ready early...for what will probably be an interesting season of football.

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